pretty colors.
smiling happy people.
magazine clippings.
fashion catalogs.
the 60's.
other bloggers.
the piano.
closing my eyes.
sweet smells.
my mr.
passionate people.
encouraging quotes.
little moments.
sad moments.
the bible.
fancy lovely frilly things.
photobooth strips.
cat stevens.
the beatles.
zooey deschanel.
elsie larson.
things found in mint or peach.
letters in the mail.
mason jars.
homemade lemonade.
clean sheets.
dresses from the 50's.
pan am.
makeup and hair.
kind and thoughtful people.
words from the heart.
people who cause change.
clear skies.
rainy days.
talented individuals.
the idea of freedom.

and others I'm sure, but that's all for now. what inspires you?

I'd love to get back to devoting more posts on inspiration. One, because it helps me to stay inspired and Two, because I think y'all enjoy those. Yes?



That's the Way Baseball Go

I'm normally not a "sports" girl, but when it comes to the Rangers... well, I get pretty excited! Especially when they're in the World Series! Even though we lost this time around, third time's a charm ;) 
I forgot to share these photos from a few weeks ago when we took our students to a game.

I love baseball games! The food alone is reason to go, but the actual game is fun to watch too ;) I enjoyed this baseball season. I think I went to four games total? Yeah, I think that's right. Rangers had a good run; we'll get it next year. Y'all baseball fans?? 



worship and a winner

I'm havin myself a little night of worship! As I've mentioned before, I'm required to have a senior "recital" and this is what mine is going to be since I'm a music ministry major. I'm also currently purchasing my graduation announcements along with ordering my cap and gown on Monday; very weird and exciting. OH and I'm terribly excited to have found out that I'm graduating Magna Cum Laude!! I know it's extremely geeky of me, but I worked dang hard and completed a 4 year program in 3 1/2, and am graduating with honors, so yes, I'm taking a moment to be proud.... Okay, all done! Onto more important things^_^ Here are a few photos that my good friend Kalli took and the one that made it onto the flyer, which my mr. designed! Such talented people I've surrounded myself with!

And in case you thought I forgot... here's the winner of the Joyful Giveaway! Please email me with your shipping info. Thanks so much!

Hope you have a swell weekend!! Can't wait to enjoy this cold weather with friends^_^




SO fun! I love colors and I love hearing what colors are inspiring others. Especially since it's a new season, my color crush is changing quite a bit. What's your current color crush??


Friend Suggestion

So you know on facebook how it gives you "friend suggestions"? Well, I thought it would be fun to give blogger suggestions, I think you will most enjoy^_^ I'll do it once a week and hopefully you'll make some new friends! The first is Amy, of Amy Flying a Kite. I discovered her this past week and goodness, I think she's lovely; especially this outfit post.



Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a photographer....

As some of you may know, I'm graduating in like 45 days. As a senior I get to have a night of worship which is like my senior recital hoopla! I have several friends also doing their night of worship which requires a flyer to be posted around school. Two of my friends asked me to take photos for their night and here are a few of my faves.

So yeah. I would love to get a real nice camera and have some photography lessons, but until then I'll just keep practicing^_^ OH and I'll be posting the ones taken of my team soon!

In other news, I'm leaving to Houston tomorrow for my Dad's birthday and my brother and sister are both coming too! I love family time! So please forgive me if I'm a bit silent for a few days, I promise I'll be back! Hope you have a swell week!



A Joyful Giveaway

Lauren from A Joyful Journal is  offering a really sweet giveaway!!  All of her products have a purpose. They create awareness for the mute, the destitute, the poor, and the needy. She makes accessories that you can wear in style while also encouraging you to pray, speak, and give.

She currently has Prayer Pins available in her shop if you simply cannot wait to get yours! They directly benefit Living Hope in Uganda, an organization that helps about 2,000 women who were previously abducted in the war. They are all HIV positive and have gone through horrific torment. Living Hope brings them JOY. 25% of your prayer pin purchase will go directly to the women! The pins are made of specialty felt, measure about 3.5-4inches across, and are available in 5 fall colors!

The winner of this Joyful Giveaway will get one PRAYER PIN of your choice from A Joyful Creation! They are so pretty and for sucha  good purpose; I hope you'll go take a peek at her shop and enter to win your very own pin! To enter, write your name and what color you would choose if you won your very own prayer pin. I'll announce the winner on Friday! For extra entries you can follow this blog or tweet about the giveaway^_^



A little shop update

I decided to have a From The Armoire Update! You can go take a peek at some of the items that have been added and take a look at the new layout!
Here are my three favorite items!

My Mom and Stepdad are on their way to spend the day with me! I'm excited to finally see them after so long of being away from home. Hope you have a special weekend!



Holiday Sponsors & Giveaway Winner

Eeep!! I can' believe November is only 10 days away! And since it's a new month, that means I'll be welcoming new sponsors!! I love having new sponsors and meeting new friends. If you're interested in becoming a Pie N' the Sky sponsor, you can go here to get all the stats & info and you can go here to make your purchase. This holiday season is a perfect time to join the Pie N' the Sky team as I'll be doing many more DIYs and fun new features. Also, once the New Year begins, prices will be changing. I so look forward to working with you!

In other news, we have picked our lovely winner for the 500 Follower Giveaway GRAND PRIZE, the Golden Half Camera!
Congratulations Rachel! If you can please email me with your shipping info, I'll send your lovely camera to you!! Thank you all so much for participating and sharing in my small victory. I look forward to our next giveaway which I'll be introducing next week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

ps: aren't my grandparents so cute in that picture?? love that photo.


What I Wore // Dressing Room Edition

You know when you go shopping with friends and you go to the dressing room to try stuff on and then come out and show your friends and they say yay or nay...?? Well, this weekend my friend wasn't outside my dressing room, so I had to make the choice by myself. I did however think it would be fun if you guessed what I got (or should've got)! So I took these photos of each outfit I tried on at Anthropologie. I will tell you I purchased 3 items. Now you guess which ones!!
<< This is what I started out in... >>

<< The Arrow Skirt >>

<< The Sweet Sixties Skirt >>

<< The Wool Cape >>

<< The corduroy Flares & The Feather Shirt >>

<< The Patterned Pretty Dress >>

<< The Roja Dress >>

Oh, and ps, I named all these myself, so in case you try and find them they will have a different name, ha! Okay, so which three do you think were the winners??



Why I blog

So a few weeks ago, when I was updating the look of my blog, I was in the middle of changing some coding and when I went to go back to the site, I arrived at a window that said Pie N' the Sky did not exist. I thought surely this is a mistake, but after ten minutes of closing and reopening it truly seemed as though it was gone. I went through and tried to see if I had done something wrong that would have caused the people of blogger to shut me down, but there was nothing! I was freaking out, like really. After those ten minutes I came to a realization; my blog was gone, there was a great possibility that I would never see it again (for reasons unknown) and that I would no longer be a "blogger".

My feelings: sad, upset, confused, a little lost and slightly relieved and I'll tell you why... I was sad because something that I had poured hours upon hours of not only time but energy into, that I dearly loved, was taken away from me. Upset because I felt it was unjust and my followers, daily readers, were suddenly no longer apart of my life. Confused because let's be honest, this situation is just plain strange! A little lost because for so long this little blog has become a part of who I am; when I'm not blogging, I'm taking pictures, I'm dreaming up posts and living the life I get to share through this blog. And slightly relieved because blogging takes up so much of my life, as I just said. Though it's something I love, it can be a tiny bit stressful sometimes and it truly does consume so many of my thoughts. SO I was an emotional mess. I closed the computer and imagined my life sans Pie N' the Sky, decided that I loved it too much to ever just not have it and was committed to starting over. I typed the url one last time (to make sure) and there it was (what in the world??), just as I'd left it. le sigh.

All of this to say, I love this little blog and I love sharing my stories with each of you. I started for funzies two years ago and never dreamed it would become such an integral part of my life. yes, at times it can make me a little stressed out, but for the most part it's my outlet, the one thing I can control in the midst of an every crazy life. SO here are my top ten reasons why I blog...

1. It's an outlet. A place for me to share my inspirations, memories and photos.

2. It gives me an excuse to take lots and lots of photos of my life.

3. I get to meet really kind and genuine people; not only other bloggers but my sweet readers as well!

4. I get to be creative. Not only that, but it motivates me to continue to grow in my creativity.

5. It's fun! I really love dreaming up posts and sharing them with all of you.

6. I get to write. I love writing and learning how to be more open and share my stories in hopes of allowing others to feel like there's someone else in this world like them.

7. On most days it's the only thing I get to do for funzies and not just cause I have to.

8. I like inspiring others in whatever little way I can.

9. I get to share my Pie N' the Sky shop and let everyone know when there's new pretties in the shop!

10. I just like it. Okay.

Thanks for making all of this possible, because if I didn't have you to read these silly ramblings I'd be a little bit sad, like a whole lotta bit^_^ Have a lovely day sweet friends!



That time Elisha ran a 10k

On Saturday morning I woke up at an insanely early hour to go cheer on the Mr in his first 10k! He ran it in less than an hour, which is extremely impressive, especially because he didn't even train for it. He heard about it the week before and decided he would run it, crazy! I was so proud of him^_^
I made him breakfast as a congratulations and I bought him a sweater to show him how proud I was! He's hoping to train for a half marathon next, which I think is amazing! I would personally like to run a 5k without having to walk any of it; I think I'm almost there. And my real goal is to be able to run alongside Elisha without growing exhausted, but I may need to start running on a more regular basis again to do that one, ha! Until then I will remain at the finish line to cheer him on!

He doesn't even look tired!! He seriously didn't even break a sweat, who is he?? Do you like to run? Have you ever run a 5k or 10k?? Does your boyfriend run insanely fast? Okay that's all the questions I have. Night!