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Fancy Felt Flower DIY

Sue, of Giant Dwarf shared this tutorial on Martha Stewart's craft blog, and I have been dying to try it for weeks now! I finally decided to give it a go. Instead of taking her photos, I decided to share a few of my own crafting adventure, but for the full tutorial and flower petal template, you can go here; I just eyeballed it^_^

Supplies // 
felt ( I bought mine here)
small branches
hot glue

Step One //
Cut your felt into heart shapes for your flower petals and leaf shapes for your leaves (go figure). I used anywhere from 3 petals to 7 petals, depending on how fluffy I wanted the bloom!

Step Two //
Take your hot glue gun and dap a line along the bottom of the heart shape, then stick it onto the tip of your branch. Leave room for the end of your branch to show through the top. Then continue adding petals accordingly. Also, please excuse my tooootally chipping nail polish (shame).

Step Three //
Attach your leaves using the same method as step three. These can be placed anywhere on your branch. Get creative and add several of them!

Step Four // 
Tie up your pretty new bouquet with a ribbon or yarn! Stick them in a vase or jar and you're all set! Enjoy!


  1. OH! Those are absolutely gorgeous. I ♥ felt. Such a lovely fabric!

  2. Anonymous8.3.12

    This is so sweet! Thank you super much for sharing, going to have to try this out :)

  3. HI! I just recently found your blog and I <3 it!

    I definitely am going to do this :)

  4. Oh its so beautiful. I adore people who can make pretty stuff. =)

  5. Awww what a sweet DIY! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Aww these are too cute! They're so springy!
    xo Heather

  7. these are super cute! I've been playing around with felt recently as well. I made felt hair accessories, I'll hopefully be posting about those soon :)

  8. this tutorial is so adorable!! i want to make these, but put them on a headband or something. x

  9. Wow, these are so cute! Pinning it for my projects folder ;)

  10. Wow, these are so cute! Pinning it for my projects folder ;)