Preparing for the Holidays | featuring Hallmark

I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am talking about Christmas! Well this post truly covers both. I know how busy and hectic the holidays can get; roadtrips to visit family, Christmas shopping, home decorating, and not to mention all the regular to-do's. So, in an attempt to be better prepared this year, I partnered with Hallmark, to share my short list with you!

1. Relax. Yes, I know this one seems obvious, but let's get real - it is the hardest one to do! Some of the ways I like to unwind are by reading, vegging out on Netflix, taking bubble baths with a LUSH Bath Bomb (yes, please), reading, drinking some tea, or of course by eating chocolate. Because chocolate makes everything better. I found this Crafters & Co. peppermint bark at Hallmark and Elisha and I seriously can't stop eating it - it's like Christmas in your mouth!

2. Start your shopping NOW. As often as I set out to do this, most years I find myself running from store to store, like the two days before Christmas. Be intentional with your time, and it'll allow you to be more thoughtful in your giftgiving. Sometimes ordering online can take longer than expected, so getting a head start will definitely work in your favor. If you need a quick gift idea, I found this sweet sweatered Mug at Hallmark the other day. I bought it for myself, but this would make an easy gift for a friend, teacher, or even as a stocking stuffer!

3. Make a list. Lists always give me the perspective I need. sometimes we feel like we have a million things to do, but if we write them out, we can see that we actually have 20, very reasonable tasks to accomplish. Make a list of to do's and don't forget to make a wishlist too!

4. Create a schedule, and stick to it. As much as I love my lists, I love my planner even more! I wear a lot of hats, as I'm sure you do too, so it is very easy to forget or overplan if I don't write it all out. Be sure to schedule in the big events, but also make certain you write out time to relax, and stick to it! Your well being is important!

You've got this ladies!! And if all else fails, just sit on the couch and sip some tea - I promise, it'll all get done! I shared this short video on YouTube too, if you'd like to take a peek! 

xo. Mel


M A K E | passport cover

S U P P L I E S | leather, scissors, sewing machine, paint/india ink

1 | begin by laying your passport on the leather to get the right width. you'll want to cut about half an inch around on the bottom and top. To the left and right, you will want to cut two inches away from the edge of the passport - these will turn into the flaps that keep your passport cozy in your case.

2 | sew. fold the side flaps down and sew all the way around.

3 | paint. you can be as creative as you'd like now! choose some fun words to express  your adventure.

Now I have an itch to travel! We just came back from Louisiana for a work trip and we'll be going home to New Mexico for the holidays, but I am trying to convince Elisha that we need to go on a cruise. So I've been checking out a ton of different trips. Those of you who have done a cruise, what was your experience and who did you do it through? 

Happy Travels! Mel


W E A R | burnt sunset

Gosh, I haven't been here for awhile. I do have a few archived posts though, that I never shared, so I wanted to go ahead and post them. These photos are from a couple of months ago when I visited my family in San Antonio - they have the best view.

If you want to keep up with me, you can follow me on instagram (@pienthesky). I've been posting much more frequently there.

love. Melisa


F E A T U R E D | tiny prints

The other day I was featured on the Tiny Prints Blog! I shared a fun wrapping paper DIY that I used for my friend Kalli! Check it out and let me know if you decide to do something similar; I'd love to check it out!

xo. Mel


W E A R | country living

DETAILS | dress:urban outfitters, sweater: forever21

I took these photos in San Antonio in my parents' backyard; their view is unbelievable. I couldn't help but be completely moved by God's creation. All too often I take these small things for granted. I've tried to be more intentional as of late. Intentional with my time and energy, intentional with my thoughts and expression of love and appreciation, and intentional in my words and actions. My goal this year is to create a meaningful presence, and so far I have seen the powerful effects of words of kindness; not only for those I speak them to, but in my own life. It's difficult to feel sad, stressed, overwhelmed or insecure when you're speaking life into someone. It'll do a world of good, for you to shift your focus off of yourself and to start blessing people for no other reason, than simply because people deserve kindness. 

xo. Mel


I completed a Spartan Race

Three years ago, Elisha got really into health and fitness. He signed up for his first race and the name alone made me nervous - it was called the Spartan Race. He explained to me all that the race entailed and having never been a part of this "world", I was nervous to say the least. I went out and took photos of him, supporting him and cheering him on at the finish line. He did great! He explained all that he had to do and how much fun he had and said "you should do it". I said "maybe someday", but in my heart I was fairly certain that was not going to happen. 

Elisha would go on to complete numerous races, triathlons, and six other Spartan races, getting his Trifecta medal in his second year. I was, and still am, so proud of his accomplishments. He is healthy and strong. When I look at myself, I can't necessarily use those words to describe myself. In fact, while I was running this race, this thought came to mind - "when did 'weak' become a term I use to describe myself?". As a child and young adult I was fairly active, an athlete even, but at some point, I wasn't. I don't know when it happened, but I no longer saw myself as strong (physically), and that was pretty sad. 

So, I wrote out my goals on January 1st, of this year and I decided that I was going to complete a Spartan Race. I didn't make this a goal because I really wanted to do it, but more because I felt like I needed to. I needed to prove that I could. I needed to know that I could. And so, on May 16th, I ran my first Spartan Race, and I finished! Elisha was by my side the whole way, and honestly I could write a whole separate post about his support, encouragement and inspiration to me. He is great!

During the race I had many thoughts, "I can't believe I'm doing this!", "I feel great!", "I'm sorry, you expect me to do what now??", "But what if I fall??", "I could legitimately die right now", "Why did I not train for this?!", "I hate life. I just hate it.", *crying*, "As much as I hurt right now, I am actually going to hurt even more tomorrow", *crying*, "I'm still alive! I am running this race and I can do this!", "I can literally see the finish line. Why does it seem so far away now??", "All I have to do is jump over this fire into this pool of mudwater and then I'm done!" *jumps in pool and crosses finish line* 

Guys, I wish I could say that I had a really great attitude the whole way through, that I was really confident and that I had felt really great afterward. The truth is I had a mixture of good and bad moments where my thoughts, fears and insecurities got the best of me. There were times where I would literally cry - not necessarily because of how hard it was, but because I was embarassed that I couldn't do better, or because I felt so incapable and that frustrated the mess out of me. There was one obstacle that had a rope on an inclined wall, that you had to pull yourself up and over. I started and did surprisingly well. Then I lost my footing and slid down halfway. I heard the voices of my husband and another runner cheering me on - I kicked my legs back underneath me and tried again. I got to the top when a hand shot down to help pull me up and over. As I let my hand go of the rope to reach, I slid down again, this time it was painful, as the rope burned through my hands and my body hit the wood, my back shot with my pain - I fell to the bottom and felt so defeated. Like really defeated guys. I felt like this should've been my moment, the one I look back on and think "I thought I couldn't, but then I did!". 

I think about that moment and I kind of want to cry again (sorry for all the emotions). For the last few weeks I've been thinking about this moment and asking God what I could learn from this. This isn't a message I always share and to be honest it probably isn't that uplifting, but I felt like it was right for me in this season - you're not always going to be able to do it all. Sometimes you're going to fail. Sometimes it's going to hurt. Sometimes the very thing you think should work out, just doesn't. But at the end of it all, you'll still cross the finish line and you're still going to feel pretty great that you endured the pain. Now, if I do this race again, which likely I will, I'm going to conquer that freaking wall and I'm going to write about that and we can rejoice together. But for now, this message is good for me. 

I know this is a lengthy post and if you've stuck with me, then thank you! I'll close with this final thought; I think that there is something really powerful and strong inside of us and it's this will - the will to fight, the will to endure, the will to be better versions of ourselves. I'm not going to become super athletic now, or at least I don't plan to be, but I know that this race has changed me for the better. I learned a lot about myself and what I'm made of. I'd like to push myself a little more, because I think there's still room enough for me to grow. All of this to say, that there's a will inside of you - whatever situation that may be for you - there is something inside of you that can stretch you further and take you places you never thought you could go. If I can finish a Spartan Race, you can most definitely conquer your "cant's" and "wont's".

xo. mel


#melwritesanote | hello lovely

Hi guys! I think it's time I did some explaining.

Back in 2009 I started this blog. It was a space where I could share creative things, inspirational things and some cute outfits. Slowly it began to evolve and became a little home on the internets for me. I've met so many incredible and inspirational women on this platform and I count myself so very blessed. I love Pie N' the Sky.

For the last year or so, I've been struggling with what I want this space to be. In fact, I still am at a place of indecision, but felt I owed you some sort of explanation for my long absences. The truth is I'm busy. We're all busy, and I have a lot of  things on my plate that are very important to me. I've had to remove a number of things that I care about, to be able to hold on to this, because as I said, it is so near and dear to my heart - it's our space! I am currently working full time, in grad school, leading worship for our youth ministry, running the PS shop, being a wife, and trying to be a decent friend, sister and daughter. I feel like everything I am currently giving my time to deserves my attention, including Pie N' the Sky.

So, what does this all even mean? Well, I've started to dream again. I've started to reimagine this space and what it can be used for, and lets just say I'm pretty pumped. You will be seeing fewer of certain types of posts, and I'll be adding new ones as well.

I want this to be a place where women can find answers, inspiration, rest, and maybe sometimes a good laugh. During my first year of starting this blog, I received an email from a reader, who said she read the blog every morning and she loved being able to start her days off with the inspiration Pie N' the Sky provided. That comment has stuck with me, because at the heart of it all, that has always been my goal. I think about blogs I read, sites I visit, or people I follow and they all have that same thing in common - they inspire me, they move me, they make me think differently, they uplift me... Does this place do that for you? If the answer is no, then I hope that will change in these next months. If the answer is yes, then yay! It's about to get even more inspiring, soon!

I can't promise that I will post more, but it will definitely be more consistent. Additionally, the content you read will be more intentional and purposeful.


Before I continue, can I just say thank you? I realized that I probs should have said this earlier in the post, but seriously thank you. If you've been a reader for years, months or days... thank you! It means so much to know that my voice is reaching others who feel like I feel, facing similar situations, or share the same style as me! It's good to do life with others, so thanks for doing life with me!

Back to the news!

So, if you follow me on instagram then you know I occasionally share some postive or encouraging posts with the hashtag #melwritesanote. I thought it would be fun to implement the same dynamic on the blog, but with a bit more depth and thought. Be on the lookout for other new series! I'm excited for what's to come and I can't wait to hear your feedback!

xo. mel