Hand Lettered Envelopes | featuring Tiny Prints

I loooove sending mail, and I especially love sending mail when it contains our Christmas Cards! This year we ordered our Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints and I could not be more in love with how they turned out. They have a cute gold foil trim and I think it's the perfect detail. 

As I'm sure many of you will be sending out your Christmas Cards, I wanted to share some fun ways to hand-letter your envelopes!

Option one is done in watercolor! This is more of a classic Christmas look with green and red colors. I love the little touches of color that the garland design adds to the envelope. I think this would also be really pretty with gold paint on a red envelope!

Option two is more of a minimalist look with both watercolor and pen. I think this design is closest to what I would normally do for our personal cards. I love the simplicity of it!

Option three is even more minimalist and done with a sharpie pen, so anyone can do it! I think this is by far the easiest design, and if you have a lot of cards to mail out, it's perfect for saving time! 

Option four is probably my favorite! I used a gold Sharpie pen to create the branches on the sides and watercolor for the design in the middle. I love all things gold, so this trim was perfection to me! I also loved how well it matched the Gold Foil on our Christmas Card. 

Option five is another watercolor option, but with a fun pop of color! I used a deep red, but it would be fun to use different colors for each person, based on their personality! I loved how these came out - how special would you feel if this was in your mailbox!?

Tiny Prints offers the option of having your return address printed on the back of the envelope, which is just perfect for using up the whole front of the envelope for design! We also got our fun personalized postage here, and opted for the tree pattern for the lining of our envelopes.

I hope these ideas inspire you to hand-letter your envelopes! I'd love to see what you come up with - if you share on social media tag me @pienthesky

Happy Lettering!

This post is in partnership with Tiny Prints.


Preparing for the Holidays | featuring Hallmark

I know, I know... it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am talking about Christmas! Well this post truly covers both. I know how busy and hectic the holidays can get; roadtrips to visit family, Christmas shopping, home decorating, and not to mention all the regular to-do's. So, in an attempt to be better prepared this year, I partnered with Hallmark, to share my short list with you!

1. Relax. Yes, I know this one seems obvious, but let's get real - it is the hardest one to do! Some of the ways I like to unwind are by reading, vegging out on Netflix, taking bubble baths with a LUSH Bath Bomb (yes, please), reading, drinking some tea, or of course by eating chocolate. Because chocolate makes everything better. I found this Crafters & Co. peppermint bark at Hallmark and Elisha and I seriously can't stop eating it - it's like Christmas in your mouth!

2. Start your shopping NOW. As often as I set out to do this, most years I find myself running from store to store, like the two days before Christmas. Be intentional with your time, and it'll allow you to be more thoughtful in your giftgiving. Sometimes ordering online can take longer than expected, so getting a head start will definitely work in your favor. If you need a quick gift idea, I found this sweet sweatered Mug at Hallmark the other day. I bought it for myself, but this would make an easy gift for a friend, teacher, or even as a stocking stuffer!

3. Make a list. Lists always give me the perspective I need. sometimes we feel like we have a million things to do, but if we write them out, we can see that we actually have 20, very reasonable tasks to accomplish. Make a list of to do's and don't forget to make a wishlist too!

4. Create a schedule, and stick to it. As much as I love my lists, I love my planner even more! I wear a lot of hats, as I'm sure you do too, so it is very easy to forget or overplan if I don't write it all out. Be sure to schedule in the big events, but also make certain you write out time to relax, and stick to it! Your well being is important!

You've got this ladies!! And if all else fails, just sit on the couch and sip some tea - I promise, it'll all get done! I shared this short video on YouTube too, if you'd like to take a peek! 

xo. Mel


M A K E | passport cover

S U P P L I E S | leather, scissors, sewing machine, paint/india ink

1 | begin by laying your passport on the leather to get the right width. you'll want to cut about half an inch around on the bottom and top. To the left and right, you will want to cut two inches away from the edge of the passport - these will turn into the flaps that keep your passport cozy in your case.

2 | sew. fold the side flaps down and sew all the way around.

3 | paint. you can be as creative as you'd like now! choose some fun words to express  your adventure.

Now I have an itch to travel! We just came back from Louisiana for a work trip and we'll be going home to New Mexico for the holidays, but I am trying to convince Elisha that we need to go on a cruise. So I've been checking out a ton of different trips. Those of you who have done a cruise, what was your experience and who did you do it through? 

Happy Travels! Mel


W E A R | burnt sunset

Gosh, I haven't been here for awhile. I do have a few archived posts though, that I never shared, so I wanted to go ahead and post them. These photos are from a couple of months ago when I visited my family in San Antonio - they have the best view.

If you want to keep up with me, you can follow me on instagram (@pienthesky). I've been posting much more frequently there.

love. Melisa


F E A T U R E D | tiny prints

The other day I was featured on the Tiny Prints Blog! I shared a fun wrapping paper DIY that I used for my friend Kalli! Check it out and let me know if you decide to do something similar; I'd love to check it out!

xo. Mel


W E A R | country living

DETAILS | dress:urban outfitters, sweater: forever21

I took these photos in San Antonio in my parents' backyard; their view is unbelievable. I couldn't help but be completely moved by God's creation. All too often I take these small things for granted. I've tried to be more intentional as of late. Intentional with my time and energy, intentional with my thoughts and expression of love and appreciation, and intentional in my words and actions. My goal this year is to create a meaningful presence, and so far I have seen the powerful effects of words of kindness; not only for those I speak them to, but in my own life. It's difficult to feel sad, stressed, overwhelmed or insecure when you're speaking life into someone. It'll do a world of good, for you to shift your focus off of yourself and to start blessing people for no other reason, than simply because people deserve kindness. 

xo. Mel