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Hi guys! I think it's time I did some explaining.

Back in 2009 I started this blog. It was a space where I could share creative things, inspirational things and some cute outfits. Slowly it began to evolve and became a little home on the internets for me. I've met so many incredible and inspirational women on this platform and I count myself so very blessed. I love Pie N' the Sky.

For the last year or so, I've been struggling with what I want this space to be. In fact, I still am at a place of indecision, but felt I owed you some sort of explanation for my long absences. The truth is I'm busy. We're all busy, and I have a lot of  things on my plate that are very important to me. I've had to remove a number of things that I care about, to be able to hold on to this, because as I said, it is so near and dear to my heart - it's our space! I am currently working full time, in grad school, leading worship for our youth ministry, running the PS shop, being a wife, and trying to be a decent friend, sister and daughter. I feel like everything I am currently giving my time to deserves my attention, including Pie N' the Sky.

So, what does this all even mean? Well, I've started to dream again. I've started to reimagine this space and what it can be used for, and lets just say I'm pretty pumped. You will be seeing fewer of certain types of posts, and I'll be adding new ones as well.

I want this to be a place where women can find answers, inspiration, rest, and maybe sometimes a good laugh. During my first year of starting this blog, I received an email from a reader, who said she read the blog every morning and she loved being able to start her days off with the inspiration Pie N' the Sky provided. That comment has stuck with me, because at the heart of it all, that has always been my goal. I think about blogs I read, sites I visit, or people I follow and they all have that same thing in common - they inspire me, they move me, they make me think differently, they uplift me... Does this place do that for you? If the answer is no, then I hope that will change in these next months. If the answer is yes, then yay! It's about to get even more inspiring, soon!

I can't promise that I will post more, but it will definitely be more consistent. Additionally, the content you read will be more intentional and purposeful.


Before I continue, can I just say thank you? I realized that I probs should have said this earlier in the post, but seriously thank you. If you've been a reader for years, months or days... thank you! It means so much to know that my voice is reaching others who feel like I feel, facing similar situations, or share the same style as me! It's good to do life with others, so thanks for doing life with me!

Back to the news!

So, if you follow me on instagram then you know I occasionally share some postive or encouraging posts with the hashtag #melwritesanote. I thought it would be fun to implement the same dynamic on the blog, but with a bit more depth and thought. Be on the lookout for other new series! I'm excited for what's to come and I can't wait to hear your feedback!

xo. mel


W E A R | save all the dogs

 DETAILS || jeans:target, top:hello apparel, boots:steve madden, necklace:rocksbox

I was so excited when I saw this top being featured on the Hello Apparel instagram! I love all things dogs (obvi), so it was a no brainer to get this tee! I opted for a medium for a looser fit (in case you care). And I felt it only appropriate that Gretchen make a cameo. I sure do love this hound!

My family is in town so we're having a blast hanging out. Tomorrow we head out to Austin to visit Adrienne and watch Elisha run in his Super Spartan. I have my race next week and I couldn't be more nervous excited! I never thought I would try to complete a Spartan Race, but when you set your mind to something, you just make it happen. I'm really thankful that Elisha has been so encouraging and supportive. Here's hoping I don't die, ha! I'll keep you all posted.

xo. mel