Shop Update

Hello hello! I just updated the shop with new lovelies. Here are some of my favorites...

I have a very early morning so I must wish you all a goodnight. Oh but first, did I mention that I will have very limited internet access while I'm away?? I will, but don't you worry I will do my very best to write you :) Sweet Dreams.

xo. Melisa


I just bought a new camera today and I must say that it is quite wonderful. It wasn't easy for me to come up with a final decision, but I'm very pleased with my purchase. In other news, I'm leaving tomorrow to go visit "home." Going to enjoy a VERY long car ride with my Papa:) There will of course be pictures of our adventure. I will also be posting another update tonight. Don't forget to check out the new journals and to sign up for the giveaway below!! I'll be back later tonight.

xo. Melisa


New Journals.

Well, I just listed three new Project Thirty journal kits!! They look just lovely and I'm so proud of them. I think they are absolutely perfect for what we're doing, or for any journal/scrapbooking project! Be sure to check 'em out at the Pie N' the Sky shop. I'll only be making a few :) Here's one of my favorites:

Each kit will include:
- 8 patterned paper squares
- 6 strands of ribbon
- a handful of buttons:)
- 1 fabric covered journal

I must admit I almost kept this pretty for myself ^_^ Hope you enjoy and I also hope you're getting as excited for Project Thirty as I am!!

xo. Melisa

PS: Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!!



I just updated the shop with a few new lovelies. Mostly earrings, hair pretties and rings :) Hope y'all enjoy! Be back with a giveaway soon!!

Headband Giveaway!!

This new fun giveaway is for NINE Pie N' the Sky headbands!! To enter just sign your name in the comments along with your favorite thing about summer :) I'll announce the winner on Monday!


hip hip hooray.

So there are lots of things going on right now. First of all, I am finally back home. And though I miss my Mr. bunches already, can I just say how good it feels to have all of my things for creating! Eeeep! i came home to two packages full of goodies for the next update. Which, by the way, is tomorrow. yes, it's true. I'm doing a mini update TOMORROW!! And I should be posting the first round of Project Thirty journals on Saturday. There is definitely a lot going on in the shop. I'm also hoping to do a giveaway this week too! I'll either post it tomorrow or Friday :)
In other news, it was Mr. Garcia's birthday on Monday! He had to work, but we made the most of it. We decided to create "second birthday." It was our way of celebrating his birthday a second time {since the first one didn't really count} So for second birthday we went to Dallas and shopped around , discovered a yummy new restaurant and went to Medieval Times. I know it sounds dorky, but it was fun! The only bad part was when we got "meat juiced." ha. Our server was behind us and tipped the tray too much and got meat juice {grease} on the backs of our shirt. Luckily we got free shirts and free drycleaning. hip hip hooray! Here's some pictures of our adventures ^_^

And that's that. I'll come back once i've updated and give you some more info about the giveaway. Hope you're day has been special.

xo. Melisa



Today is the Mr.'s birthday!! I was really excited to spend the day with him, but he had to work :( But we're going to celebrate tomorrow! So until then I'm doing all that I can to make today just as special {ie special visits with iced green tea} Hope you're day is just peachy.
This is the card I made him. It pretty much defines us perfectly.



I have so many things I want to create, dream up and work on. I feel very inspired and I'm in love with this feeling. So many ideas, but so little time to make them reality. I'm excited for the next Pie N' the Sky update. I think you'll like it, or at least I hope you do...
You know what I think is interesting? I think it's so crazy how one song can put you in a creative mood, or a pretty dress, a great view, or even something you eat! {maybe that last one is just me} What I'm trying to say is that inspiration is all over the place. I love that I can be inspired on a daily basis by simply living life. What inspires you most?
Today I've been listening to Janglin by Edward Sharpe. Yes, it's been on repeat because it's gotten the creative juices flowin and I mustn't interrupt the process :)
Well, it's back to creating for me!

xo. Melisa



I've rediscovered my love for Anthropologie. Aside from their prices, I think they're pretty much the most inspiring and beautiful store. I love their colors, prints, material...sheesh i could go on forever. They are wonderful, that is all. And these dresses are just beautiful, don't you agree??

I have the day off so I'm trying to think of something fun and productive to do. Perhaps I'll run over to the antique mall... What's you're favorite thing to do on a non-busy day?

xo. Melisa


New and Exciting.

It's been a bear-y good week indeed.
The blog has been undergoing a bit of a face lift, so please forgive the awkward in-between look. I promise it'll look much better once I'm finished ^_^
How has your day been? I was really excited to go lay out by the pool and read but it started raining cats and dogs:( So it turned into a Starbucks laptop kinda day, which is just as special. I got to work on some Project Thirty stuff! Have I mentioned how excited I am?? I am!
There is also something else really exciting going on in my life and it's more on the personal level, but I really want to share it with you. For the last two years that I've been away at college I have tried to find my "home" church. I found a church that I liked to call my home because it was everything I was looking for. I attended every week and absolutely fell in love with everything it had to offer, but deep down I never felt like it was where God wanted me. 
I've been patiently waiting for God to call me to a church that I could not only call my home, but where I could serve and feel like I was a part of a family. I'm happy to say that I believe He has brought me just that. This last week I have been introduced to a local church plant that is beyond everything I could've hoped for. God has done it again. I cannot wait to be a part of this church. I'm not sure if you attend, or if you're a believer, but let me just tell you that there is nothing like being a part of a church. God calls us to it not only because it matters to Him, but because it's for our benefit. I can say that these last two years were kind of a struggle. I desperately wanted to be "a part" of a church, not just an attendee. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this church, for me and for the rest of the lives that will be touched and influenced through it. 
I love when things happen and they just feel so right. It reminds me that God is truly in control and I wouldn't have it any other way. Are there any things in your life that are new and exciting?? I would love to hear about it :)

xo. Melisa


Project Thirty.

Hi!! Okay, so I am pretty excited to share with you my/our very new project.Project thirty is unlike anything i've ever done and I think you're really going to enjoy it. Project Thirty will be a thirty day interactive journaling adventure.  And I must say that I am SO excited to be able to do something WITH my readers. 

What does that mean? 
Well, everyday here on le blog, I will prompt you with something to write/draw/think about in your journal. It'll range from all over the place and I hope to always make it interesting. I'll share pages from mine everyday and all of our readers will be able to share theirs as well! I can't wait to see what y'all create.

The point? 
I love to journal and i've found that there's no better place to learn about myself then through my journals. Sometimes the prompts will be serious, sometimes they'll be silly but hopefully they will always be inspiring. I'm trying to be the best me I can be and I hope you'll join me on this adventure. 
I'll be launching Project Thirty on August 15th. 

So why tell you now? 
Well, starting August 1st I will list handmade Pie N' the Sky journals in the shop. They'll be extra special and perfect for what we'll be doing with Project Thirty! It won't be necessary to have one of the customized ones {you can use any journal you'd like} but I thought it would be fun to make some uniquely for this adventure :)  I hope you're as excited as I am!! I can't wait. Let me know if you're looking forward to it and if you have any ideas you'd like me to incorporate to the project. I'm always open to suggestions. 

xooxo! Melisa

Something Beautiful.

Hello hello. I''m starting a new line called Something Beautiful. It's filled with lots of flowers and fun. Lately i've been very summer inspired so you can expect lots of bright colors and flowers. Most include hair pretties as well as rings and earrings!! I'll be posting these lovelies and others like them on my next update. I'm aiming for an August 1 update :)
I also have more exciting news to share, but i'll be back later for a post to tell you ALL about it!

xo. Melisa

Etsy How To:

Several people have told me that they wanted to make Pie N' the Sky purchases, but were unable to because of Etsy difficulties. I know at first it can be a bit of a confusing process, so I decided to make an "etsy how to." Hopefully this will help everyone with their questions^_^
First, when you find the item you're looking for you'll click "add to to cart"
After you have completed your shopping you can visit your cart by clicking the upper left hand corner that says "cart"
If you're happy with the way everything looks then go to the bottom and click "checkout"
Next, you will enter your shipping address.
Then, click "final review."
At this point you will click "commit to buy"  {you have now taken the item off of the market, but have not finished the purchase.}
Now, you will click on the "Pay Now" button.
You will then be redirected to another page. If you have a paypal account you will simply enter in your information. If you do not, then you will go to the left side and click under "Don't have a Paypal Account."
You will then be able to enter your credit card information and finalize your purchase!
You will know you are done when you reach a page that says "Thank you for your payment."
Easy as 1, 2, 3!
If you have any more questions please feel free to leave a comment and i'll be happy to help you in any way I can!

xo. Melisa


I'm pretty sure when/if I have a child, they will have to have a tree house. I always wanted one growing up and now I think they're just the sweetest things. Something so special about em. I'll be coming back later with something pretty i've been working on and some exciting news^_^

xo. Melisa


Knock Knock.

I love love colored doors. My dream is to someday own a home with a bright colored door :) They're pretty special, don't you agree??

{images via weheartit}
xo. Melisa


Something Lovely.

I know I already had a post about the wedding, but I just couldn't help myself. I thought my pictures were pretty sub par, so I wanted to show you some photos that really showed off how beautiful the wedding really was. While I was in Illinois, I had the privilege of meeting Miss Ruth Boller. She was the wedding photographer and I think her photos are exceptional and completely inspiring. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lovely. I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!! You absolutely must visit her site and be inspired. I know I was. I love making new friends, don't you?

xo. Melisa

Going to the chapel...

As you're aware, my best friend got married this past weekend. I couldn't be happier for her & the new hubs and the new life they get to start together. I just realized that I have know Kristin for half my life. Kind of crazy, no? I feel really blessed to have filled the best friend position for so long:) 

Wasn't she a beautiful bride??

I also had the privilege of making their unity candle! I thought it was pretty and was happy that they loved it so much.

Catch Up.

I believe this is the longest i've ever been away from you! It's good to be back though:) I figured since I did so much while I was away, we could play catch up and I could show you my birthday through pictures!!

The mister surprised me and took me to the aquarium!! I really like animals and I couldn't have been happier. Then we had lunch at this cute little place that provided us with the largest amount of food ever! He bought me new moccasins and took me to take photos at a photo-booth! And of course the day would not have been complete with a little fro-yo. It was a pretty fantastic day and I still can't believe how old i've gotten! I have mixed feelings about this growing old business... I'll share some more about my wedding trip later. Glad to be back. Hope your week was as exciting as mine!!

xo. Melisa


Wedding Bells.

(cute bride & groom owls by katie)  
hello there! I just wanted to write a quick note to say that i might be a little quiet for a day or two because it's my best friend's wedding week. This also explains my absence the last few days. Forgive me. I'll be back soon and promise to write an extra special post.♥
xo. Melisa


Let there be cake.

Sorry if I've been a little silent lately. Yesterday was my birthday and it was exactly what I hoped for. Today I'm celebrating with my mister and I cannot wait to see what he has planned. Fun fact about me: one of my birthday dreams is to have a surprise party. One day:)
Hope your day is special and filled with fun.
xo. Melisa


Bye Bye Shop.

Well I have officially put the shop on vacation mode... That means pretty much for the month of July it will be closed:( I'm not sure how well I'm going to handle this, but there truly is no other way. However, this just means that once I get back, there will be tons of new pretties for a very special update!! And no worries, I will still be blogging!
So as of today I hope to say the words, "I am officially done with Summer school!" but we'll see how things turn out...
I'm leaving today to see the Mr. and tomorrow is my date of birth:) I'm hoping there will be time by the pool, a movie and dinner. Maybe a puppy? Doubt it, but a girl can hope. Aaaaand then I leave for The Wedding. It's pretty special, that's why it gets capital letters:)
What exciting things do you have planned for the month? I feel like mine is planned to the brim, but let's just be honest, that's the way I like it... Little fact about me; I get stressed and overwhelmed by lots of things but doing just one thing makes my brain go numb and I can't handle feeling bored. In fact, I can't remember the last time I said I was bored. Is that a good thing? haha. New goal for the month of July; find a moment to be bored.
It's saturday, and because I love you here's a picture of a puppy.

Have a lovely day. And don't forget to give someone a hug. Hugs always make me smile...
xo. Melisa


Long Time No See.

I have been hiding under lots and lots of books trying to finish up my summer school. Which, prayerfully after today, I will be done!! Praise the Lord! It has kept me from doing the things I love for far too long!! I have so many new ideas for the shop, but haven't had any time to work on em. AND I didn't do my second update. Though, it might have been a good thing. I didn't have as much ready as I had hoped for, SO I'm going to do a bigger update at the end of this month. 
Did I mention it's almost my birthday? I'm turning the big 22 and I have mixed feeling about it... It's this Sunday and I'll be traveling to see Mr. Garcia so it'll be fun:) Then I leave for my best friend's wedding {love that movie}. I can't believe she's getting married, but I couldn't be happier for her. And I've had the privilege of making a couple things for the wedding^_^
ALSO If you've purchased one of my originally designed products from Pie N' the Sky and have photos of yourself or others using it, send it my way! I'd love to share happy customer photos with Pie N' the Sky Readers! You can email them to me at Melisaholguin(AT)gmail(DOT)com
Thanks so much! Hope you lovelies have a spectacular day. I'm hittin the books, wish me luck!