Well there's no Lost tonight. Just a repeat, which I can
enjoy, but not nearly as much as I would enjoy a neeew
episode. Disappointment. Do you watch Lost? You should.
It's only the greatest show... ever!

So I decided to take a break from studying, mostly cause I
feel pretty confident that i'll do well on my finals, to share
with you two handsome faces. Look at em!

Aren't they just the sweetest things?? I'd name the top one
Nigel and the llama Alfred, because they look refined.
I know i'm odd, but I know you can appreciate my
willingness to share it with you:)

Thanks for reading friends.


Sunny Day.

Happy Day! Today I only had two classes! Fancy that. I decided to... Create! I made 23 new things for the update (TBA) No peeks yet, but soon. aaaand Pack! I just have to pack up my clothes and i'll be good to go! Excitement!!

Soon I will be enjoying my very last trip to Chik Fil A for the semester. All in all my day has been pretty fantastic. I'll try and take photos of my new pretties later tonight, but for now I have to fill out study guides. Finals are just around the corner! Eeep!

Loves. Melisa


Oh me Oh my!

I'm trying very hard to be more diligent in writing to you daily, but sometimes the whirlwinds of homework and to do's just get the very best of me. Sorries! Okay now that we've made up, here's some pictures of a lovely wreath I made!

I was inspired by my beautiful Liberty of London pillow. I hope to get the matching quilt soon too:) I can't decide if I should keep this lovely, or post it on my Etsy. Hmmm.....

I had to send home my bike today:( I'll see it in a week though!

Hope all is well and I shall talk to you soon.


Rain Rain Rain

What a lovely rainy day! You may never hear me say those words, because I detest the rain, but today is just perfect because I have nothing to do, but stay in my warm bed, watch movies and read all day! I'm a happy bug:)

 photo e2070b009b73a6394fc1a6e543f362c8.jpg

Have a sweet rainy day filled with good reads and warm blankets!
xo. Melisa


How He loves us so!

It's Easter weekend and I can't help but feel
totally and completely overwhelmed by God's
love. It's beautiful. I'm not sure where you
stand in your beliefs, but if you have an
incling that you may not agree with what
i'm about to stay, I ask that you read anyways...
I believe in Jesus. I believe He came to this earth,
died on a cross for my sins, and rose three days
later! I believe that I am loved. While I may not
understand a love so great, I am so very grateful
{to say the least} for it. We'd be hard pressed to
find a love like Christ's. We won't find it in friends,
or family, or signicant others. In fact the love we
do find in our loved ones are but tiny echoes of
God's everlasting love. There is something
beautiful and overwhelming about God's love. It's
like a warm blanket wrapping itself around me on
days when I just don't feel like enough, or the
nudging elbow that says, "don't worry i'll be right
next to you." It's anything and everything I have
need of. It's unashamed, undignified, unrelenting
and never-ending love. I am so grateful to have God
in my life. This weekend I remember the sacrifices
that that love was willing to make, for me, and for
you. I hope you have a lovely weekend; and
remember how much you're loved.

x's and o's,



Eeeeep! It's here it's here! Spring, that is. Or at least it
finally feels like it's here. It was in the 80's today and it
sure did feel nice... especially because I got to have class
outside! Under beautiful trees with the breeze just light
enough to feel it in your hair and sun shining warm on
your cheeks! It was delightful to say the very least. Here
are some of my favorite spring things...

1. Riding bikes!

2. Pretty Spring photos:) I just want to be outside all day!

3. Kittens... um, I know they exist every season, but i'm
reminded of their sweetness in the Spring^_^

4. Flowers! Of course, we can't forget flowers...

5. And lastly, traveling... ie end of school!!

Can I just say that I am so so excited for the Pi N' the Sky
shop update!? It's Saturday at 6pm. All things Spring and
pretty new looks! Be excited! And in case you haven't
heard, there's a new FB group that you can and should
join:) You'll get all the latest updates and news. Here's the

Thank you and have a nice night!