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 I've had a long time love affair with mustard, and although the name may not sound so appealing, the color is perfection. I love that it's a color that can transform into any season and how well it seems to compliment every shade. in case you're obsessed with all things mustard too, you can check out my pinterest board here and peruse to your heart's content

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I'm lovin all this warm weather that is finally headed our way!! It's finally starting to feel like Spring which makes my heart happy. I was not made for cold weather. Is it starting to heat up where you're at?

One of my best friends is having her baby tonight! And our youth group is having a fundraiser in just a few hours. Busy is chaotic, but full is blessed; although it was such a long work day, I'm so happy my life is full. It's so important to stop and count the little things. 

Emotional rant:: I'm really grateful for each of you. For coming by my little corner in blogland and actually caring to take a peek into my life. I love sharing my adventure with you and I treasure each and every comment, question, email and hello. So thank you. That is all. :)

xo. melisa


ring in the new season

I la la la love rings! They're probably my favorite accessory. Simple is always my philosophy - less is more! That's why these simple statement rings are my fave! This season I love all things geometric and geos are always great! Do you have a favorite ring? Or favorite place to shop for yours??

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a day off

I love "days off" where I'm free to sleep in, dream a little and relax! Today I'm finishing up a blog design and then spending time with the mr. I try not to take days like these for granted, since they're so few and far between. I'm so blessed. Wishing you all a really wonderful weekend.

xo. melisa


bits + pieces

This weekend was so much fun visiting my sister in Austin. My parents and brother were able to come down too and it was just the best! 

My parents just bought a house and we went to go visit. The view was spectacular and I absolutely cannot wait for them to move in! They will be slightly closer to me and it'll be so much fun visiting.  It's in the San Antonio area, so if you know of some good spots to hangout or visit, let me know! I'm sure they're going to love getting familiar with the location. 

How was your weekend? Anything terribly exciting?

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I've been busy busy busy today. I mentioned before, how I'll be at the Renegade Craft Fair in May and I've been using every free moment working on new pretty things! I'm loving it. 

busy is better than bored.

xo. melisa

Spring mini lookbook // one

I'm excited to share my very first Pie N' the Sky mini lookbook with you! This is displaying a few pieces from my Spring collection and I can't wait to show y'all more! This is the first of 3 mini lookbooks that I'll be sharing. 

Tomorrow I'm headed to Austin for a little trip to see family. Life around here has been very busy and fast paced, but so full. I can't explain how content I feel. I hope you're having a splendid week friends!

xo. melisa



In reflecting on yesterday's events which took place in Boston, my heart was grieved for those directly affected. I felt all too familiar feelings of when I heard news of the 9/11 attack and realized that although this was not at the same level, this attack would forever change our lives. 

When I think of acts of hate or violence, my initial thought is "humanity sucks". And while that may be true of some, or most, at times, one thing (and only this one thing) that I love about tragedy is that it strengthens us and unifies those who are affected by it. There is so much pride I have for my country, but in moments when I feel we are vulnerable and weak, I find myself even more confident in our ability to come together and be stronger than we ever were. 

After hearing the news yesterday, I thought, "What can I do? How can I show that I care? How can I somehow carry some of the burden , of the pain inflicted on my people?". I thought of sending out a tweet, something like "Deeply saddened by the events of today and my prayers are with Boston." or changing my facebook photo with a thoughtful phrase of some sort. I knew that although, however heartfelt my intentions were, those acts would not change the people around me and honestly would have little affect on myself. I wanted to feel the weight of this tragedy and not just for that day, but have it mark my life in some way. I knew I needed to do more.

So, I've chosen to run. I'm not usually a runner and in fact I rarely enjoy it. But, I thought what better way to honor pain, then to feel a little pain myself - obviously in a much different capacity. In honor of those who are no longer able to run, I will run. The Mr. and I have committed to a goal of one mile a day, for a total of 179 miles - one mile for each person who has fallen victim to this cruel act.

I know this may seem silly to some and you may think, "What is this going to accomplish?" and to that I would say, "probably nothing for you, but it'll change my life.". It will help me to get my eyes off of myself and onto others, hopefully sending a positive encouragement to whomever may read this. And honestly, doing something, is better than doing nothing. 

I believe we should all feel the weight of this attack on our people and our country. My way is simply to sacrifice my time and energy to run on their behalf. It may not affect the world, but it'll allow the event to affect my world.

Boston, we see you, we love you, and we're lifting you up.

xo. m


I love printic + giveaway

I recently discovered Printic and well, I'm just smitten! This is an app that allows you to print your instagram pictures - which is great in itself, but they come out looking like polaroid photos! I say yes. I just love the nostalgia of the polaroid photo, so I have a great appreciation for this sweet app!

I'm so excited that Printic is offering a giveaway to three lucky Pie N' the Sky readers! Each winner will receive three free Printics! To enter simply leave a comment and either tweet or facebook about the giveaway. Feel free to use this tweet: @melisashell is offering a sweet @PrinticApp giveaway on Pie N' the Sky! 

I'll announce a winner on Monday! Good Luck!

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Today I decided to try my hand at watercolors. I've never really been a painter; I've worked with acrylics, but just for fun. SO I thought I'd give watercolor a try and I'm already in love. I have no real idea what I'm doing, but it's fun just playing around and discovering new things. 

I've always made it a point to have a craft in my life that's just for me, that I don't do for the shop, but just something that feeds my soul and helps me grow creatively - I've been slacking on this as of late. I think this may be a new, just for fun, hobby!

I could use any and all pointers you may have! Links or just tips, are welcome - just leave them in the comments. Thanks friends!

xo. melisa


color crush

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lately I've been pretty obsessed with gold. growing up I always felt like gold was so "old", so I only wore silver cause it meant I was still young. also, I was a weird kid, in case we haven't discussed that before. SO, I now am fully in love with gold and no, I am not old. in case you're obsessed with all things gold too, you can check out my pinterest board here and peruse to your heart's content.

stay golden. melisa


Pie N' the Sky featured on Renegade Craft Fair Blog

Yesterday I was featured on the Renegade Craft Fair Blog! I was so honored to see that they had chosen Pie N' the Sky for their Austin Maker Spotlight. You can read the feature here. I love Renegade and I'm so pleased to let y'all know that I'll be headed down to Austin in a little over a month for our 3rd Renegade Fair!! So much crafting will take place this month and of course, you'll get lots of sneak peeks! If you're in the are, you should definitely plan on stopping by!

xo. melisa


new space

new space is a fun new feature that will let me share all of my favorite nooks in my home with you! Hopefully it will inspire you and your space!

This is my nightstand that sits next to my bed. It hold all the essentials for sweet dreams and pleasant mornings! I just love love this space in my room!

vintage 50's table  //  thrifted
lamp + frame  //  marshall's
white fox  //  target, given to me by the mr.
train case  //  used to be my grandmother's
candles  //  target + anthropologie
succulents  //  lowe's + diy 
cd's  //  the beatles albums, given to me by my Dad

Reading through that list I see that this is probably my favorite space because it reminds me of the people I love who've given me such sweet and thoughtful gifts. Do you have treasured things that you've given a special space to in your home? Doesn't it just make your home feel more home-y?? 

xo. melisa