Something Blue.

What a long and adventurous few days! I am so excited to be back in the lovely city of Houston. I got home yesterday and was SO excited to see six, yes SIX packages waiting for me! I love love getting mail and to have that many pretty packages waiting for me just made my day! And of course the fact that they were filled with lovely things helped^_^
I got lots of new supplies and am proud to announce that this update is going to be filled with lots and lots of new pretty necklaces! I can't wait to share the new creations with you.
I just finished a handful of lectures and exams so i'm devoting the rest of the day to creating!! Don't you just love treating yourself? I think that's very important and instills good work ethic. It's always good to set goals and even better to reward yourself for good heard work.
I am also working on a new giveaway. It's been awhile huh? I think something pretty is definitely in store. I'd also like to do another DIY. So so much to do!
These are from the other day when I got to lay out by the pool. {another one of my rewards for a full day of school}

I'll come back soon with some previews of things to come^_^
lovies. Melisa


Something New.

Hi. I've been busy busy. I just realized my summer school ends in 19 days. I have to finish a week early though because of a sweet trip i'm taking to be in my beautiful friend's wedding! But that means in about 12 days I have to be done!! Eeep! I still have a total of 6 exams, and tons and bunches of lectures. Today I'm lockin in. I was really looking forward to working on a couple new projects, but it seems as though school wins.
Did I mention the new pretties I made yesterday are wonderful?? I've decided to share with you what i've been working on. Since I don't have a decent picture yet i'll just have to tell you. This next update I will be introducing a clothing line!! I have a few lovely pieces right now and am hoping to create a few more pretties before the next update^_^ I'm so excited for you to see!
I'm thinking we'll do the update July 6th. That's tentative, so keep checking back in case it changes!
I better hit the books now, but since I can't create, you should do it for me! Here's some inspiration...

Hugs and Kisses. Melisa


Adventures and Cooking.

Today I was supposed to go cliff diving, but there was a slight shift in plans and we decided to go floating down the river. I thought this would be the more relaxing option, but I now believe I was mistaken. ha. It was a delightful drift... and then... the rapids! Things got a little crazy and needless to say, I hurt:( haha but it was an adventure and all is well because I am alive!! Yay!
So that was the adventure and after a much needed nap, my sis and I made dinner. I made salsa and she made deliciously yummy burritos^_^

Tomorrow I am going to make lots and lots of pretties and I'm determined to share something with you!  Sleep good sweet dreams. 
xo. Melisa

Wake N Make

Good morning lovelies! So... I don't mean to disappear for long periods at a time, it just sort of happens.... oops. I won't leave you again for awhile. Promise.
This morning I woke up completely ready to work on the new update! I am SO excited to bring these new pieces into the shop. I think they're pretty amazing. I'm hoping for one of the largest updates of the season. I still have lots to work on, but I'm hoping it'll be at the end of next week. fingers crossed.
As of last night, I am a baker, ha. My sister and I baked a giant cupcake; Red Velvet with cream-cheese yumm! It was still a bit hot when I iced it so the frosting began to melt off. haha, it was still delicious though! We're making another one today, something a little prettier^_^

I also think we may be going cliff diving today. I've never been so I am quite nervous indeed. It just soooounds dangerous! Anything with the word "cliff" in it, for the most part, isn't too great. We'll see:)
I was also thinking about our next giveaway. I want it to be pretty, of course, and special... Do you have any ideas? I'll keep thinking and keep you posted.
Here's a peek at what's inspiring me today.


They're kind of magical, no? I think so. I'm gonna make some breakfast and get to work now.
xo. Melisa


Free For All

Today I feel a mix of odd inspiration. I woke up to a text that reminded me of Colossians 3:23; "live every day like it was your last and you will have no regrets." This morning I have felt hopeful and pensive. I so want to bring more beauty into this world. I just hope that I can share some of it with you. Here's something for your Tuesday...

Be inspired.
xo. Melisa


Hi Again.

So I woke up Wednesday and decided to pack up and go visit Elisha. I have allowed myself a "brain break" ie nothing but fun^_^ Most of our fun included movies, shopping, antique-ing, swimming, tv watching and fun dates! We found a sweet bubble tea shop, which made some of the best coconut bubble teas....

I'm actually trying to learn how to make my very own bubble tea. I have the recipe, but I need to buy some pearls {bubbles}.  And I need to gain the courage to attempt! We also found a shawarma spot, but unfortunately it wasn't as good as the stuff we're used to. And as far as antique-ing went, I fell in love! There were so many pretties, and I came out with some pretty good buys. I can't wait to start on my next update!! I have so many new ideas and sections I want to add, excited to share with you all^_^
We're going on another date tonight and then i'm off to Austin in the morning to visit the sister! Which no doubt will  lead to many adventures. 
So long for now. 
xoxoxoo. Melisa


Out of Town.

So, in case you haven't noticed, I've been gone for awhile. I left for a spontaneous road trip to see the mister! It's been oodles of fun and I have lots of stories and pictures to share and I promise to do an extra long post once I get home.

xoxox!! Melisa


My Word...

This is the sweetest thing i've come across today. Just in love. It's my dream to own a pug, for those that may not know. And how much better to own one so thoughtful. Enjoy. I must finish my paper.

xo. Melisa

I was made for sunny days.

Well, we had a delightful turnout for the update. There are still a few new pieces left if you're still interested:) I woke up completely ready for this day! I have tons to do, including mailing out a very large load of shipments, but I love it!!
I've been downloading new "creating music" and it's the most inspiring. I would love to share it with you, which is quite rare of me. Here's one of my quirks: I'm really weird about sharing my music. Music is so special to me, and I associate certain songs with memories, or moments, or people so I really don't like when other people like the same song. haha. I know i'm nuts, but anyways! Perhaps, in order to take a step towards sharing, I could have a mix tape {CD} giveaway!! That might just be a good idea. Okay, i'll work on it and give you the details later on. :)
Here's something pretty for your Tuesday afternoon...

I hope you start your day on purpose; convinced that you are going to do something spectacular and life changing. 
xoxoo. Melisa



Well the shop has officially been updated and I've received quite the response already! Hope you find something you like^_^ Here's a couple of my faves...

x's and o's. Melisa

I love mail.

I absolutely love receiving packages, letters and the like! It just makes my day:) Today I received TWO long awaited packages of pretty supplies for upcoming projects I'm working on.
I've been busy writing my paper, making mustaches, and preparing for the update TONIGHT! haha. Yes, I know I said it would be tomorrow, but I'm ready for it, you're ready for it and I have quite the busy day tomorrow soooooo tonight at 9pm I will be updating the shop!!! Can't wait to see what y'all think.
xoxo. Melisa

You Win.

Blogger Amanda said...

So cute melisa!
My fave summer treat is definitely a raspa. Snow cone/ Shaved ice for the non spanish speaker. :)

Yay! Congratulations Amanda and thank you to all who entered. I had a lot of fun reading your responses. As I've said before, the summer will be filled with lots more giveaways:)
xoxo. Melisa



I feel so full of joy. I had a pretty simple day, but after an amazing Sunday service; I began my day with 
inspiration and the need to dream. I love days like this. I worked on some lovelies and am proud to say that I finished much more than I had anticipated and will now be moving my update to TUESDAY. I can't wait. It's primarily necklaces, but there are several new concepts that I think are just enchanting and can't wait to share with you. I will be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow afternoon {so it's still not too late!!}Oh! And the best part of my day... ordering a Liberty of London quilt!! EEE! I can hardly contain myself. I'm kind of in love with LoL prints. They're just so... pretty. Tomorrow I must must finish my research paper for school. I actually get to write about something that's very near to my heart and has actually been quite an inspiring subject! Maybe i'll share some with you...

Okay, sleep pretty.
xoxo. Melisa


Flowers and Updates.

So as I said, I worked very hard last night on getting some pieces ready for the shop. I have decided to do an update on thursday! And I also thought you might like a little peek....

This last one is a headband and it really is special. I tried to give y'all the full effect, but couldn't quite do it. Guess you'll just have to see at the update!

Happy Saturday. Melisa

PS: don't forget the giveaway below. Winner announced in 48 hours!!


Well I have been a busy lady let me tell you! I made 6 new pieces tonight. And not just like little pretties, but substantial lovely pretties! And I did SO much schoolwork! AND I went with my stepmom to go see "Letters to Juliet," You're probably saying, "where do you find the time?" I'm not sure either, but I know that I felt very productive. Now back to you. How was your day? Eventful? I hope so. 

So I know I keep talking about it, but I am reeeally excited about this giveaway! And I'm even more excited about everyones favorite summer treats! I haven't ever even heard of some, and overall they sound so very yummy^_^ Maybe this summer I will attempt to try every one of the treats you guys mention. That would be a fun adventure. Mostly cause I like food:) My favorite summer treat is vanilla ice cream with cantaloupe {but you have to put it in the freezer for about an hour so it freezes.} Ugh! It's 
delicious:) And of course there is nothing like a bubble tea...

xo. Melisa


Under Construction

Please forgive the look of my blog during these next few days. It's undergoing a much needed makeover^_^ Have a good night lovelies.

xo. Melisa

PS: sign your name for the giveaway below.


Good morning and good day! I hope your Thursday is off to a fabulous start! I just wanted to announce a brand new giveaway!I think it's pretty special myself...


Here's the best part; if you win, you get all of these pretties AND a $10 credit to the Pie N' the Sky shop!! If you want to enter to win:

sign your name in the comments along with your email address and your favorite treat to eat during the summer! {I fixed it to where you can sign in "anonymously" so everyone can enter!!}

The winner will be announced on Monday^_^

xo. Melisa


Sweet Dreams

So, didn't you just love our guest bloggers?? I did. I think it's
important to surround yourself with an extremely talented
and inspirational group of individuals. We'll probably be
hearing more from them in weeks to come {fingers crossed}.
I'll be adding a NEW giveaway tomorrow!! Hope you're as
excited as I am!
Here are a couple of things that have become my recent
eye candy...

Sleep sweet lovelies.
xo. Melisa

Guest Blogger #3

Hello, my name is Adrienne. The other day I was watching tv while trying to figure out what words of wisdom I could share with you lovely people. As I flipped through the many channels, I decided to share my story of how I came across my new favorite cd (well, it’s actually an EP). It’s by a group that I’m sure no one has heard of,but who most of you have heard. You know that freakin’ adorable commercial for Amazon’s Kindle? You know the insanely catchy tune that they play? Yup, that’s the one. I had to have it, and fortunately, with the awesome Shazam app on my phone, I found out that little ditty is by the group Little & Ashley.

Amazon is the only store carrying the EP right now--for obvious reasons. It’s only four songs, but it’s so very worth it. I’m in love with Annie Little’s sweet voice, and can’t help but smile and bop my head along to each song. The group is stinkin cute and will be an instant ear pleaser to anyone interested in Regina Spektor, She and Him or A Fine Frenzy.

Love and Light,
Adrienne H.


Wide Open Fields {Guest Blogger #2}

Hey there again guys it's Elisha. Hope your summer is
off to a great start.

I'm currently writing you from a Texas Rangers game with
some friends, soakin in summer in the "true American spirit."

As I look out on the (baseball) field I wonder what it is
about large expanses of open land that causes the mind
to become so pensive. Is it the possibility of what could
be that lays before the eyes? Is it the emptiness that causes
us to wonder what use to be?

As of late my life has been in a state of (major) transition
and I find few things to be static during this season. One
thing I do know to be true is that my faith and friends/family
have played such a huge role.

Tonights game, the roar of conversation and fanfare around
me, along with this 'wide open field' has brought me to a
place of evauluation. Where is my life heading? What can I
expect of the future and my ability to impact the world?
What does family look like for me? What do I want out of my
time of transition?
It's not just the giant green lawn that has brought about
thought...I think I've always been this way. It oft puts things
into perspective for me. The large against the small, possibility
against the creativity, the ability to wonder and dream. And as
I ramble FINALLY an example comes to mind...but it's the
same wonder and interest a child can look at the sky with. It's
the limitless vastness that lay before us....tonight it takes
form in the shape of a baseball field.

I know these thoughts are a bit scattered but writing on
your iphone during Americas past time with a heat index
of 101 is no easy task. I leave you with this... If ever you
find yourself before 'wide open fields' take a minute and
evalute the world around you, your life, and where you're
headed. May sound a bit clichè but dream a little. You'd
be amazed to see the what ideas the kid inside has.

Until next time,


Save Jake.

This project just melted my little heart. meet jake... an english cocker spaniel who
was adopted by his new owner anna. Unfortunately jake has mast cell cancer and
needs an operation. Fortunately anna is a talented seamstress and is making lovely
little aprons to raise money for jakes surgery. Help save jake. Please buy an apron.
They are quite beautiful and I'm purchasing one myself.

xoxo. Melisa

Oh by the way followers

I was also featured in a blog myself:) I was very privileged to be the guest blogger for Miss Carol. You can find my post hereWait, i'm not done! Let's do something fun for my "followers"!! Yes? Alright, so if you become a follower, you will be entered to win a prize! Something lovely and special. Sound good? I thought so. So go on, become a follower and at the end of the month we'll find out who the lucky winner is!! {all current followers will be added in as well}
Hope you enjoyed our guest blogger #1 :) Tomorrow we'll be having our 2nd guest blogger and he's one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! Can you guess who it is??

xo. Melisa

Guest Blogger #1

Hello beautiful world of creativity!
May I just say that is is my complete honor to be your
guest? Please forgive me as I break into song….

“Be…our…guest! Be our guest! Get your worries off your
chest!...” Ten points for you if you recognize the movie =)

Once upon a time, this spark of a little girl when tippy toe-ing
around her brain and found a bit of yarn and frill, and so she
made some pretties. What a life for sweet Melisa, eh? I
think so too. Can we just take a moment to be thankful for
the simplicities of life? Honesty tells us life gets harder as
we move along the journey. This much is true, whether we
like it or not, but oh how lovely it is just to share those
moments when you actually can sit back and focus on why
it’s so wonderful being a girl.
We do not have to impress ourselves. We do that naturally.
Disappointment and mistakes only leave room for better
things. And we delight in the unknown and wonder of creativity.
Oh how thankful I am to be such a girl. Finding the joy in an
ugly day is truly a miracle if you think about it. So maybe we
are miracle workers? But of course we are! Oh this just keeps
getting better and better!
If you learn nothing else in life today, know this: this world is
truly your playground. Just pick your brain for creativity,
whatever shape it takes, and unleash the joy of the unknown
in your heart. The awesomeness just might surprise you. And
in case you’re wondering…yes, it’s totally real, totally raw,
and completely you! So go on, be a little goofy. Laugh a little
louder. And smile a little brighter. You never know who’s day
you are making.

Happy crafting all you lovlies!
Carol // Salt + Light

Carol is such a lovely person, as I'm sure you can tell.
She's terribly gifted and has her very own shop called
Salt + Light. You can also follow her blog here too! She
is full of inspiration and I consider myself very lucky to
have been blessed with her in my life. Hope you all
enjoyed our first guest blogger of the week.
There's more to come.
xoxo. Melisa