Style Crush: Gemma

Gemma Ward is probably one of my most favorite models. She is so pretty and completely versatile. The girl could wear a paperbag and still look adorable {in my opinion}.

xo. Melisa


Project Restyle

This year I will be taking part in Elsie and Rachel's fabulous Project Restyle. This project is pretty exciting and I'm just in love with the idea of taking something old and dull and turning it into something pretty and useful^_^ You can get more info here. I'll share posts of my projects and you can feel free to leave links to some of yours. I think my first project will be decorations for my room! I can't wait to redecorate when I get back on campus.

xo. Melisa

goals goals goals

So I've decided to do what I always do every year and make a list of goals for the New Year. Unfortunately, I don't think I've been as productive in completing them in the past years {or at least not as much as I'd like to be} SO this year I making myself a promise to complete them. I'll share a peek with you once I write them all down^_^
I'm also planning on getting a new journal. As if I need another one, hehe. I just love journals and I get bored with them after awhile. I like fresh starts. Are you that way? Like when I start a new year, I want a new one, or if I start a new project, I want a new one, I just can't help myself! 
What are some of your goals for the new year?? 
Oh! And I ran across this super cute binder idea from Gussy Sews and I think I MUST do this! I have a notebook for each of these and I thinking putting them all in one place is just genius. 

xo. Melisa


Holiday Highlights.

Well I've been out of town for the last few days and have yet to sit down and share any pictures or adventures. SO I thought I'd do one big post of some highlights from the holidays...
The Mr. and I went on a road trip to Albuquerque to visit his aunt and uncle^_^
I've had lots of puppy cuddles from miss Molly {my mom's dog}
This is lady.. She's a pretty dog.
I got bored on the roadtrip...
I tried a shot of wheat grass from our local smoothie shop. 
I must admit, I didn't hate it.
This is one of my pretty Christmas presents. I've been using it non stop.
I got to spend time with my big brother!!

That's all for now... I'll be posting lots more once I get home. I'll also re-open the shop and let y'all in on what's coming up for this year!! ^_^
Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

xo. Melisa



I really enjoy looking through wedding type stuff. Mostly because I'm a hopeless romantic and mostly because I can't wait to plan mine^_^




Beautiful right?! I love weddings! There's so many options for so many things and I love love it! What are you most excited to work on for your wedding? Or if you're married already, what was your favorite part??

xo. Melisa


What's In My Makeup Bag

I thought it would be fun to do a spin on the regular "What's in my bag" post and show you what's in my makeup bag!
First, I use Sonia Kashuk brushes. I really like them because they're pretty, they've lasted a long time and they're so soft^_^
All of my makeup is Bare Minerals. I am a HUGE advocate of this makeup. I used to use liquid and actually tried a lot of different types (even the expensive stuff) and I have never come across anything better than BM. It's incredible. I love the flawless finish, I love that it's not heavy and I love that it gives such a natural look. 
I use Medium Beige foundation, Warmth (as blush) and Pure Radiance (for shimmer:)
For my eyes...
I discovered the best liquid eyeliner; it's by Loreal and it's called Lineur Intense. The reason I love it so much is that  it's a felt tip! I've tried maaany different types of eyeliners {liquid, gel, pencil, powder...} I think I like this one best because it's so precise. Next is my mascara. I go through a different mascara every time one dries up. I have yet to find one that I'm willing to stand by. This Lash Accelerator one isn't too bad though! As far as eyeshadow, I have a cute collection of some pretty glam colors by Sonia Kashuk. I rarely use eyeshadow, but when I do, I love using these fun shimmery ones^_^ Lastly is the lipgloss. I love love Buxom lipgloss! It's the best!! I use 'Dolly'

And that's my makeup! Hope that was informative and fun! :)

xo. Melisa


Sky High


I looooove to wear heels! I thought these were so special ^_^ And I love that not all heels have to be super fancy, some are just plain darling.

xo. Melisa


So long Austin

So I'm officially "home". I left Austin yesterday and am now enjoying family time :) I didn't bring any of my yarn, materials, or anything for creating. eeep! I decided to go on a complete break, we'll see how this goes... Here are some photos I took my last day in Austin. 

xo. Melisa

Style Crush: Portman

She's so simple and sweet. I love Natalie. I think it's mostly because she's naturally beautiful. Do you agree?

xo. Melisa


Something Sweet.

Little known fact, I have such a sweet tooth!! I thought I'd collect some of my favorite looking treats to share with you. Here's what I came up with

The chocolate chip mint cookies look SO delicious. And I loooove cupcakes! What's your favorite sweet treat??

xo. Melisa


Etsy Tuesday Treasures.

Love  love love these custom cuffs! They are absolutely spectacular.

I thought this necklace was pretty special.

Beautiful hats! So classic and simple.

Pretty Pretty scarf.

xo. Melisa

Style Crush: Olsen

It's true; I'm a closet Olsen fan. I just love their insane style. It's mostly boho, but sometimes chic and I think they could pull off pretty much anything in my opinion...

xo. Melisa


I get bored sometimes

I've been doing SO much work on the computer and I needed a break. This is what happened...
Oh dear.
xo. Melisa

Now Accepting Sponsors

Pie N' the Sky will now be offering ad spaces! It has been one year since I began blogging and I have had just shy of 10,000 hits alone in my first year, and it's growing exponentially. I have amazing readers and big plans for the Pie N' the Sky blog in 2011. Including a whole new look along with fun new features and I'd love for you to be apart of it.  For information visit here or email me. Thanks so much!

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Wreaths Galore

I love wreaths! They're so pretty and functional. I love that not all wreaths have to be Christmas-y and I love how creative you can be when creating one. You can use just about anything! Here are some of my favorites.

one- Etsy
two- Etsy
four- Etsy

xo. Melisa

And the winner is...

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for!! The winner of this year's 12 Day Giveaway is...

Congratulations Katrina!! You can email your shipping address and I'll send your winnings out to you Monday morning^_^ 
We're not quite done yet though, because I promised there would be a 2nd giveaway for the first 12 entries. So, the winner is...
Congratulations Jamila!! You have won your choice of one Extra Big Beautiful Rose!! You can pick the color and also whether you would like me to turn it into a headband, pin or clip! You can email me your choice as well as shipping address, and I'll send it out to you Monday morning as well^_^ 
Thank you all SO SO much for participating!! This was by far one of the best turnouts we've ever had! I can't wait to do another giveaway and give you all a chance to win! I really enjoyed reading your responses. You're the best!!

xo. Melisa


Wrap it Up

Christmas is almost heeere!! SO, have you all finished your Christmas shopping?? I finished yesterday and it is such a relief! Now, I get to do my favorite part... gift wrapping!! Here are some fun ideas in case you want to get creative {which I'm sure you do!}

They're all so pretty! I can't decide what to dooo^_^ I'll try and snap a shot of all of mine once I'm done! OH, and if you're not done buying your gifts and you need a little something, take advantage of the Gift Giving Sale going on in the shop! I'll be back soon to share the winner of the 12 Day Giveaway!!!

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I love pa rousing lookbook for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks I came across today...

I'll be announcing the 12 Day Giveaway winner tomorrow!! EEEP! Can't wait to find out who won :)

xo. Melisa