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I'm kind of in love with these wallpapers; they remind me of flashcards and it makes my heart happy. I am constantly checking my phone and I love having something on my screen that can encourage me or lift my spirits - these are just the trick! This sweet font is courtesy of my friend Brittany, who blogs over at Happy Brittany

lots of love to you. melisa


sponsor ps

Pie N' the Sky is looking for new sponsors and we want you! We have 8 spots available for the month of June! The Large Solo Ad is still available as well, so snag it up quick! I'm offering 25% off each ad space this month!! Use the code "SWEETSUMMER" when you checkout. If you have any questions, you can visit our advertisers page. So excited for this month!!

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Color Crush :: Rust

1. 23. 45.   

I'm not usually a huge fan of red, but as of late I can't get enough. Furthermore, I am obsessed with this rust color! Again, this is generally more of an Autumn hue, but with the right pops of color, it works as a great compliment! So what are your thoughts? If you can't get enough of rust either, check out my Pinterest board here.

xo. melisa


DIY :: Gold Centerpiece

Since the Bridal Shower required peeks of gold throughout - I thought it would be fun to add a little floral element to make the black and white a bit less austere. I didn't want to just put flowers because that didn't really fall in line with the NY theme, so I went with something a little less floral and spray painted baby breath with gold! I loved the outcome! 

Y O U  N E E D :: picked flowers, gold spray paint, jar/vase to hold

E A S Y  A S  1 2 3 :: pick your flowers  and trim if needed. lay your flowers on paper/bags  then spray paint. I did mine individually to make sure I got all the parts (which I still ended up missing a few). let them sit outside for about 15mins and then stick them in your jar!

These would look great for a wedding, birthday party or just to pretty up your home! Enjoy!

xo. melisa

DIY :: Cake Ball Display

I had so much fun helping plan my best friend's bridal shower. She wanted something NY themed, so we played with a b&w concept with splashes of red and gold. Of course no dessert table is really complete without cake balls so I thought I'd give them a go. We tried using a mold that I picked up, but then I was told about a significantly easier (and prettier) process that results in the perfect cake ball. With that  being said, please excuse my not so cute attempt. I'll share my next attempt soon!

Since I made the cake balls, I knew they needed to be displayed, so I purchased a piece of foam and used a scrap piece of fabric I had to make a lovely little display!

Y O U  N E E D :: foam, fabric, pins, marker/pen, scissors

E A S Y  A S  1 2 3:: gather your supplies. lay your foam on top of your fabric and begin pulling it tightly along the sides. pin the fabric down, until every inch is covered and it's tight across the top. mark your dots where you will want your cake pops to be secured. using your scissors, poke holes through your fabric where you've marked your dots. grab your cake pops and stick them in place.

This is super easy and it made them look great! Perfect for a shower, birthday party or if you're having friends over! 

xo. melisa



I updated the shop with new pyrite earrings + rings and arrowhead rings! I'm hoping to get all of my necklaces online this week (fingers crossed). In honor of Memorial Day, enjoy free shipping until Wednesday, when you use the code "MD2013"!!

Hope you have a great day off!

xo. melisa

bits + pieces

I had so much fun celebrating my sweet friend Kelsey's upcoming wedding at her Bridal Shower! I'm so honored to be in it and really just to call her my friend! Weddings are the best!!

xo. melisa


Shady Lady

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Sunnies are maybe my favorite part of Summer! I have a wide collection and yet I continue to add to it each year. These are some of my favorites, and I will probably be adding a pair (...or two!) to my own collection! I've had my eye on 3 and 5 for quite some time! Which are your favorite?

If you'd like some more sunny inspiration, you can check out my pinterest board!

xo. melisa


pain + pyrite

I have returned from the wonderful city of Austin and I can't even tell you what a whirlwind this weekend was! I had so much fun spending time with my two favorite people and meeting several of you guys at the Renegade Craft Fair!! 

I'm really grateful for Adrienne because she not only helped with the whole event, but she watched my booth for me while I went to see Elisha run in the Spartan Race! (It was so unbelievably hot and mud was everywhere, so please excuse my appearance!) I was so proud of him for finishing in the top 9%!! There were close to 1000 racers! He's such an inspiration to me, that I'm even considering doing it next year. eeps!

We made friends with our boothmate, Jess of Fox and Brie, who sells the most darling bowties! And as always, it was so much fun walking around and meeting all of the vendors. The whole weekend was a blast, but it sure is nice to be home. I fully intend on updating the shop very very soon!! I have so many new things that I've had quite a few requests for, so I'll be sure to keep you posted friends! 

Thanks so much for all of your support through comments, instagram and twitter - it means so much to me!

have a sweet week! melisa