W E A R :: watch you shine

details :: dress c/o Chicwish, heels / steve madden

I rarely get to dress real fancy, so whenever I get to, I'm in Heaven. I've also forgotten how much fun twirling in dresses can be! I'll be wearing this at the last wedding of the Summer today; which'll make three in the last two months. I can't believe the next one will be mine! 

To see more of what I've worn, go here. I hope y'all have a wonderful three day weekend!  / xo. mel

Photography by Kalli Carr



Geometric Birch House from Moorea Seal , bkr Water Bottle in Chip , Calligraphy Art by Jenny Highsmith , Penny Lane Dress from Free People , iPhone case by Rifle Paper Co. , Tassel Trace Pillow from Anthropologie 

I had so much fun making my wishlist a few weeks ago, that I had to do it again. It's relaxing to just "window-shop". I'm moving in nearly a month, so I have decor on the brain. Our next big purchase will be a couch, so we've been to nearly every furniture store in the area. Are there any good furniture/home decor shops you know of online??

xo. melisa


L E W E D :: invitations

Our biggest hurdle has been our invitations. It was hard to decide what we wanted them to look like. With Elisha being a graphic designer, we were sure that he would be the one to design them. We have a fairly unique idea, so executing it has been a bit more time consuming than expected. They will get out though! They will. 

In the meantime, I've been enjoying all of the lovely invite inspiration I've seen on the internet. These are a few awesome items and shops I came across, in case you're planning your wedding or event! Native Bear and The First Snow are two shops that every bride should look at!

xo. melisa


D O W N L O A D :: everything you do has purpose

download in various sizes here

I don't know about you, but sometimes routines and mundane activity can make me feel... unaccomplished. It's in those moments though that I'm reminded that all that we do, however meaningless and small it may seem, is preparing us for something greater. You are filled with purpose. Your life has meaning. You are not on this earth to simply live and die, but to create, to think, to love and give, to make known what you wish and dream what others are incapable of seeing. You are unique and you are blessed. Take your life and make use of it. Everything you do has purpose. The goal is simply finding that purpose and going after it with all of your being.

xo. melisa


W E A R :: heart of me

details :: dress c/o Shabby Apple, heels / target

This dress has such a fun vintage flair and i'm just smitten with the giant bow that ties in the back! I think it might be the only red thing I have in my closet. Do you ever find yourself buying a million things in one or two colors?? My closet has a ton of blush, gray and mustard. I think it's time to expand! Thinking red may become a new staple for me this season. How about you? What colors are you looking to add to your wardrobe?

xo. melisa

Photography by Kalli Carr


L E W E D :: honeymoon

Saint Lucia here we come! We booked the honeymoon and is it weird that of all the things we've done, including signing the papers for our home together, this is the most "oh my gosh, we're getting married" moment we've both had? ha! We can't wait to get on that beach. 72 days to go!

Have any of y'all been there before? Any places we need to visit while we're there?? I'm already so excited to go diving!

xo. melisa


L E W E D :: Bridesmaids Gifts

I've always been a fine details person, so planning the bridesmaids gifts has been so much fun for me. It's not necessarily one of the big things to get checked off for the wedding, but it is definitely important. First of all, I love giving gifts! Secondly, I know how much hard work these sweet ladies will put into showers, and helping me, listening to me, and ultimately being with me on my special day. I don't know what I'd do without them, so I want to be sure that my gift to them is heartfelt and lets them know just how much they mean to me. Here are a few wonderful things I've come across while trying to choose what to get them. Some of these may be making their way into my girls' gift bags! What's your favorite??

xo. melisa


B E A U T Y :: five favorites

C. Booth Shower Gel in walnut shell :: I'm in love with this scent! The wash is really moisturizing and it'll probably be my best friend in the winter.

Shea Sugar Body Scrub in tropical mango :: This scrub makes my skin SO soft. I don't use it everyday, because I don't want to over exfoliate, but it's definitely a treat to pamper yourself with.

Yes To Cucumbers towelletes :: I use these wipes everyday; they're the perfect way to wake up in the morning! 

Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser :: I just started using this moisturizer last week and I'm already smitten with it. It's gentle, doesn't dry out or over moisturize, it's really great.

Neutrogena Naturals Multi Vitamin Night Cream :: I've used this for nearly a year and I don't know what I'd do without it. I've mentioned before that moisturizing my face is maybe my favorite part of the day - so this night cream is heaven after a long day.

This will be an ongoing list of my five beauty favorites. I realizedI rarely get to share my products with you and product recommendations are maybe my favorite thing ever, because I'm constantly trying new things. If you have any recs, share in the comments!

xo. melisa


W E A R :: into the light

details :: dress (worn as skirt) / UO, shirt + sandals/ target, glasses c/o chicwish

I've kind of put myself on a spending freeze, to try and save; which means no clothes shopping. So, that's caused me to be extra creative with what I have in my closet. Mixing and matching different tops and bottoms has become a fun challenge, and I'm excited with what's come of it - it's like a whole new wardrobe! I really feel like this'll help me get the most out of each item! For this outfit, I wore a dress Elisha got me for my birthday, as a skirt. And then tied up a denim shirt so it would hit above my hips - such a fun and easy outfit!

Happy Tuesday! / xo. melisa


B E W E L L :: managing migraines

I can still remember when I got my very first migraine. I was in the fifth grade, leaving a basketball game and we were driving past a shell station. Suddenly my vision became funny, my head started pounding and when I looked at the sign, I could no longer see the letter S. It's kind of comical now, but I seriously thought I was dying. I've dealt with migraines for about 13 years. They're not only a terrible headache, but they cause me to lose half my vision, make me nauseous and basically the worst thing ever - making my day to day quite difficult. I've gone through seasons where I've had them everyday for weeks on end, and others where I have maybe one a month. I've gone to the doctor, gotten MRIs, and I've tried every medication. For those of you who may be new to these terrible headaches, or for those who have struggled with them for years like me, here are some of the things that I have found helpful.

T R I G G E R S :: 
knowing your migraine triggers are a huge step in reducing the attack of one. Everyone has different triggers, but some of the main ones are light and food. Light is a huge one for me, especially flickering lights, or extremely bright lights - therefore I avoid raves (ha). Some foods that I steer clear from are coffee and fast food. With coffee, I don't know if it's the actual coffee itself, or the creamer I usually have in it, but I started to notice that everytime I drank some, I would have a migraine that day. In the same way, when I eat fast food, whether it's the grease they use, MSG or nitrates in the meats, I don't do well. If you don't know your triggers, start keeping a journal, even on your phone, where you can note what you eat and some of the activities you do on a daily basis, then you can go back and notice if there's a trend on when you get your migraines. That's what I did, and it changed my life.

S T R E S S :: 
this is the big one. I can honestly say that this is my number one source of migraines. Working on removing some of the stressors in your life, will help improve your overall health. For example, I recently stopped checking my email after work and on weekends. It's incredible what this did for my home life. I was constantly stressed because my email would show me more things I had to get done, that I didn't have time or the ability to do at that moment. So I stopped. The work will still be there in the morning, but there is no reason for me to stress about it right before I go to sleep or the moment I wake up. Little things like that will slowly add up and make a big difference. 

S L E E P :: 
it's incredible what a good night's rest can do. There are two things pertaining to sleep that changed my life. One, tempurpedic pillow. Seriously guys, there was such a change, not only in my sleep pattern, but in releasing tension in my neck and shoulders and ultimately helping in my migraine struggle. You can pick up one of these pillows for about 15 dollars at target. It will change your life. Two, if light is one of your triggers, I suggest getting some dark curtains to cover your windows, not all the time, but at least for the mornings. I've found that if I sleep and wake in a darker area, I'm less likely to have a migraine.

M E D I C A T I O N :: 
medication is obviously one way of minimizing the pain. For me, if I'm able to take an Aleve before the migraine hits, then I can catch it in time and i'm okay. I can generally tell right before I'm going to have one by the way my head starts to feel. If you pay attention enough, your body will always give you warnings.  The best over the counter meds I've found are Aleve - liquid gels, Excedrin Migraine, and Advil Migraine - liquid gels. Liquid gels release faster, so they're always my go to. While using a drug like Aleve, as a preventative, can help, it shouldn't be your answer. Before you know it, you may find yourself taking 3 a day for weeks on end, just to ensure you won't get one. That's not a good place to be at, trust me. If nothing above is helping and you find yourself at this place, go visit your doctor. He may have some advice or even offer to prescribe something stronger.

Quick note : Heat is also another great way to release tension. Most times I'll just take a heating pad and rest it on the back of my neck/head for about 15-20mins. This will help your blood vessels to release and I've found it really helps.

E X E R C I S E ::
exercise is a great way to relieve any sort of tension, so it kind of just makes sense. I've found yoga to be the biggest source of relief as far as exercise routines go. I've been practicing yoga regularly for about two months now and I have not had a single migraine since. Granted I'm doing all of the above as well, so it may not have anything to do with, it, but it sure isn't hurting!

I understand that I am not a doctor. I know not everyone gets these nasty little headaches (read: terrible life altering pain), but for those that do, I hope this is helpful. These are just the things that have worked for me and helped to change my migraines. I know I've learned so much from others who have dealt with these, including my mother. We're not all going to respond the same way, but if even one of these helps in reducing your migraines, then this post was worth it. Here's to being well.

xo. melisa


L E W E D :: double digits

Alright, we're not only in double digits, but currently 83 days away! People aren't lying when they say that after 100, the days just fly. They are flying indeed. We're getting a lot done and finally getting to make some decoration purchases, which has been so much fun! We have a cake now, a videographer, and bridesmaid dresses! We still need to build some pieces for the reception and get those invitations out! Like asap. Time got away from us on the save the dates, so we're just sending out our invites a little early. Most of our close friends and family already know, so we're not too concerned. Aside from a few little things, we haven't really had any huge stressful moments. It's still so wonderful being able to plan such a life changing event with the man I'm going to marry. He's had an opinion on most everything and I love seeing how we compromise and support one another's creative ideas. It's kind of beautiful, the give and take.

We've found our new home and signed the papers last week! We purchased our first piece of furniture - a beautiful console from Pottery Barn, and now we're having fun piecing together everything else. I can't wait to build a home with Elisha. And the sooner we have a home, the sooner we get a dog. I'm just saying. But on the reals, I have moved at least 20 times in my life and it will be good to be settled for awhile. It's less than two months until I move in!

Lately, I've been trying to soak up every moment and write down how I'm feeling. These last two weeks have been fun, inspiring, overwhelming, unbelievable and everything I hoped. I think as of late, I'm more aware that I am a bride to be, I'm planning a wedding and I'm getting married real soon. Since turning 25 I've felt a new level of maturity sweep over. I feel like these last few weeks have only solidified that feeling. Being an adult always scared me - I was the kid who never wanted to grow up. While being an adult has it's own set of responsibilities and sure, it can be a little stressful at times, it also carries such a beautiful new way of life. I like it.

I will say this though, I kind of still can't believe this is really happening. Like, I'm getting married. It's real.

xo. melisa

(photo credit :: Kalli Carr Photography)


R E C I P E :: easy bake tortilla chips

So lately I've been craving mexican food like no other. I think I've been gone from home for too long.  For those that live in the South and know what a Kroger is, they started selling green chile. I love me some green chile, so I loaded up with two full bags. I took them home only to realize I had no way of roasting them. So, I googled how to roast them at home (sans grill) and came up with a very makeshift way that required an open flame and some tongs - for those that follow me on instagram, you saw what this looked like. Either way it worked, and I was able to make some green chile chicken enchiladas (mmm). I made that for some friends and ran out of tortilla chips in the process. So yesterday, when I was trying to enjoy some salsa, I realized I needed some chips. I realize I could've ran to the store, which is less than 5 mins away, but it was late and I had that whole sleep face going on, so I came up with this. Here's a super simple recipe for some easy bake tortilla chips. 

I N G R E D I E N T S ::
+ tortilla (flour or corn)
+ no stick spray
+ cayenne pepper (or any spice)

E A S Y  A S  1 2 3 ::
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Start by stacking about 4 tortillas on top of each other; more if you're wanting to feed more. Then slice them like you would a pizza, into little triangles. cover your baking sheet with no stick spray and lay your triangles out. then spray a thin layer of spray on top of them to help your spices stick. Take a spice of your choosing, I picked cayenne pepper, and lightly cover your chips. Stick the sheet in the oven for approx. 10mins. Making sure to watch them the last two, because they will burn quickly. 

I used whole wheat tortillas this time around, I may try regular flour next time. I also thing it would be fun to make some fun shapes, maybe for a party? I hope you enjoyed this. I'm thinking I'll be sharing a few more easy recipes. I'm no cook by any means, but I'd like to think I know a thing or two! And I'm always happy to share. 

xo. melisa


W E A R :: frill seeking

details :: dress, top, sunnies c/o Chicwish, necklace / Pie N' the Sky, Sandals / Target

I'm kind of in love with this outfit. I'm always one to choose comfort over style, so when I can have both... wonderful!  I went through a blush phase last Summer, where literally everything in my closet was blush. I'm talking at least 20 articles of clothing in one hue. I have since expanded my color wheel, but I'm no less smitten with this shade. Checkout this post to see how I styled this top with a pair of jeans.

xo. mel


B E W E L L :: the start of it all

I'm excited to start this new feature focusing on being intentional with our health, called Be Well. Taking care of our bodies is of the upmost importance, and yet more often than not, it seems to take a back burner to the other stuff. This series will help me to focus on taking care of myself and will hopefully be a journey we can take together. I'll share everything from workout tips, healthy recipes, helpful tips, resources and anything else that will help contribute to our well being. 

So lets get started. Since this is a new step we're taking. It's going to require we get things in order. I'm a lister (one who makes lists). It helps me maintain focus to have something I can easily go back to to motivate me. So here's the list of what it's going to take to Be Well.

Hard Work  ::  I enjoy resting. There, I said it. We all do! We wake up early, we go to work, we deal with stressful situations and dang, we rock the mess out of every project our hands touch. So, no, I don't think it's ridiculous that you'd want to lay on the couch for 4 hours after you get home from work. Rest is great, and we'll get to that, but more importantly, moving, working towards something, is even better. Once you determine in your mind that this won't be a terribly comfortable process, the better you'll be for it.

Set High Goals  ::  I'm making a list with a point to make another list, ha! I love lists people. But seriously, set goals for yourself. Maybe it's to lose x amount of weight, or drop to a size ___. Maybe it's just to feel better about yourself, or better emotional health. It may be hard to set a precise goal, but setting one will help you measure your progress. I have a picture of what I want to look like, for me it's mostly toning and feeling stronger, but I'm setting a personal goal to run in a Spartan Race by next Summer. 

Self Confidence  ::  This ones an important one. I think it's important to remember that we're not making ourselves into someone new, as if who we are isn't good enough. We are simply improving upon who we are, taking what we have and using it to it's fullest capacity. You are a fierce woman, capable of doing far beyond what you ever hoped or imagined. You deserve to feel good. If you don't like something about yourself, change it. Whatever makes you feel good and look good, is what you should do. Let this be your mantra, "I'm doing this for me, because I matter." Your health, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual... it matters.

Love What Your Fighting For  ::  Once you set your goals, you'll see that end result in your mind. You have to love the idea of reaching that. If you don't, then when it get's tough, you'll bail. If you love what you're working towards, it'll make getting there completely worth it. And ladies, it'll be worth it.

I'm really excited for this. I've already written down at least 20 posts that I want to share. Please note that I'm no expert, by any means. I'm just a girl who's trying to live a longer and happier life, starting from the root of it all, my own well being. So, if you have some tips, or you want to join in on your blog, leave your link below. We're in this together, so lets encourage one another; we're not alone in this!

xo. melisa


F E A T U R E D :: Crafty Magazine

I was so excited to receive this month's Crafty Magazine yesterday! I was contacted awhile back to see if they could feature a Pie N' the Sky dreamcatcher diy. I was thrilled to be a part of such a lovely publication, so I of course said yes! You can order this month's copy of the magazine here and see the full string dream catcher diy here.

xo. melisa



I'm just barely giving y'all peeks to my space that I moved into not 3 months ago, and already I'm getting ready to move out! Elisha and I will be headed to sign the paperwork for our new apartment together today! I can't wait to have our new space. I'll get to live in it for a month before we get married; and hopefully make it feel like a home before he gets to move in. 

So far we've purchased a new tv and a beautiful tv stand we found while registering at Pottery Barn. I can't wait to share peeks of everything. I've also been searching the internets to find perfect accent pieces, like wall art, pillows, rugs, etc. If y'all know of good shops, let me know! Although we've both lived on our own for several years, we've always had roommates and are kind of starting from scratch. Which I kind of love the idea of building our home together!

xo. melisa



For no particular reason, I've created this wishlist of items I want to add to my home, my wardrobe, and really just my life in general! All of these items are so beautiful, don't you agree? What do you currently have on your wishlist?

1 :: How perfect is this Anthro dress?? I think this would make the perfect bridal shower dress!
2 :: In love love with these Bonnie & Clyde Bonlook glasses. If you're as smitten with these as I am, use the code CHOCO15 and get $15 off your purchase!
3 :: I need this print in our new home. need.
4 :: These Minnetonka Classic Fringe boots are to die for. They're a bit similar to a pair I currently have and love. But over the years I've maybe loved them too much, and may be due for a new pair! These are perfect.
5 :: I'm just a little obsessed with this doily blanket! It's one of those pieces you'll treasure for years.
6 :: This bag from Free People. I die.

I had to pick up Elisha from the airport last night at about 1am. So it's been kind of a rough morning. Parousing the internets for pretty inspiration has helped keep me awake. Hopefully there's a nap coming soon though. 

Happy Monday!  melisa


D O W N L O A D :: iphone wallpaper

download yours here

I've been fixated on the idea of  "mountaintop moments". The moments we share with God, where we see Him like never before, and in turn see ourselves and others in new light. I shared something similar via instagram and thought I'd share a new wallpaper for le iPhone. It's a kind reminder that today can, if we allow it to, be the best day. Sometimes we hold ourselves back, sabotage ourselves with useless lies, or simply don't give in to the goodness that God has just waiting for us. So today, give in. Have a mountaintop moment and decide to make today the best!

xo. melisa