W E A V E :: 02

This is the second weaving I made. I love the soft pink hues and think it would look lovely in a little girl's room, or above an office desk. If you're interested in purchasing this weaving, you can contact me at Melisashell@gmail.com.
xo. mel


W E A V E :: 01

I've recently become smitten with weaving! I'd been wanting to try it out for awhile, and I finally saw a tutorial and went for it! I couldn't get my hands on a loom without having to wait a week or two to arrive, so I decided to make one! I loved the process and it's surprisingly easier than I had thought. It does take time and effort, but the results are beautiful. 

This weaving is hanging above our bed. I'll be making more and sharing them here. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase some of them. If that's something that interests you! 

Hope you're week is off to a great start friends!

xo. mel