M A K E :: leather pouch

Happy Friday! I'm over on Wonder Forest today, sharing how to make these simple and chic leather journals! You can see all the photos and details here

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B I T S + P I E C E S

I have an event coming up in two weeks so I've been working tirelessly trying to get products and packaging ready. I have a few brand new products that I'll be adding to the shop mid March, after the event, so be on the lookout! If you're in the Texas area, I'll be at the Walk the Light Event in Cedar Hill on March 15th. Come stop by and say hi!

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F E A T U R E D :: always rooney

Courtney Kennedy is the lovely lady behind Always Rooney, one of my favorite daily reads! She shares tons of inspiration and diy, and the girl is absolute gold - seriously, wonderful. Checkout Courtney's Outfit Post and see how she styled her Pie N' the Sky Arrowhead Necklace! These beauties are one of my most favorite necklaces in the shop! And remember, all profits will be going towards the There's More Campaign!

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M A K E :: leather journals

I've mentioned before that I love to carry a small journal in my bag, in case some brilliant idea comes to me at the grocery store or at starbucks. I have a terrible memory, so I love being able to write it down immediately! I have always sort of had an obsession with journals (I'm sure I've owned 50+), but I always fill them up. It was time to get some new ones, so I thought I'd go ahead and make some!  

S U P P L I E S :: scrap leather, scissors, sheets of paper, sewing machine, letter punches

1.) Cut out the covers of your journal, which should be your basic rectangle shape - as big or as small as you'd like. I chose one larger size and two medium. 

2.) Using your covers as a guide, cut out the pages for your journal. Again, these should be rectangles, as you'll fold them in half to make the pages. Once they are cut, trim the edges about half an inch so that the pages will lie inside of the cover and not stick out.

3.) Using your sewing machine, sew right down the middle of each journal. It helps if you make a fold, so you can see your straight line. If your sewing machine decides to go a little crazy (like mine) and make your thread look strange, just roll with it!

4.) Take your letter punches and decide what you're going to spell. Make sure you have the spacing right, there's no backspace button. I chose the words "take note", "ideas" and "plan". You can use all of the appropriate tools for using your letter punches, or you can grab a steel block and hammer (like I did). Use what you've got!

These would make great gifts! And I love that you can personalize them with just about anything! They're also totally not gender specific either - I am definitely making a few of these for the husband! So, what do you think? Are you going to make some new leather journals??

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M A K E O V E R :: makeup stand

When it comes to my makeup, if I can't see it, I forget it's there. I love having a display of sorts for all of my beauty products. I found this little stand about a year ago and love using it to hold all of my beauty items. Over time however, it's become quite a mess. I wanted to clean it up and change it up - nothing a fresh coat of white paint can't fix! 

I picked up a few more jars and some white spray paint, and ended up with a whole new makeup stand that I am simply in love with!  I love the freshness of it!

I loved the result and how absolutely easy it was to transform. So instead of buying something new, maybe you should just give what you have, a fresh new coat of paint! I'm also a bit obsessed with painting everything white right now. I just love love it. So, what are you going to give a paint-over??

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F E A T U R E D :: Sincerely, Kinsey

Checkout Kinsey's outfit post and see how she styled her Pie N' the Sky Pyrite Necklace! There will be more of these beauties being added to the shop very soon! And remember, all profits will be going towards the There's More Campaign!

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S A Y :: free people, free people

Lastnight I had the privilege of speaking at our Wednesday Night Youth Service. I was the perfect mix of nervous and excited. I have gone through a two year discipleship program where I got my ministerial credentials, 4 years at a bible university and been involved in ministry for 10 years, I've taught Sunday school classes and led small groups, but I have never ever preached a sermon. Why? Fear, nervousness, feelings of inadequacy... all of the usual suspects. So, Elisha regularly tries to get me on stage and I always have some excuse not to. Well, this time he got me. He asked and I said yes (and then immediately regretted my decision). As I prayed and thought through what I wanted to share, I began to get more and more peace about what I was going to be doing.  I realized that I had gone through certain situations in my life, felt certain feelings and experienced certain life change, that for me to share, would be my way giving those things purpose. I failed, I learned, I grew and now it gets to benefit other girls; and that's amazing! 

So lastnight I shared and it was incredible. I felt...comfortable. One word that I never thought I'd say about preaching. I didn't even feel afraid. It was really great being able to share with these young women and have them come up to me and share how much it meant to them. I know I am not the greatest communicator, but God has given me (and all of us!) a voice. 

At the Passion Conference I went to this last weekend, there was a phrase that kept being shared and it was: free people, free people. When we are free, when we know the truth and we tell others about our experience, it changes and frees them too! You have a voice, use it! 

I thought of rewriting my sermon as a blog post, but let's be honest, sometimes hearing a voice talking directly to us, makes a big difference. So, if you'd like to hear my sermon on relationships and the four lies the world tries to convince us of, take a listen! 

Thanks so much for all of your support and kind comments left for me on instagram and twitter! Y'all are the best! 

xo. melisa

**for some reason it starts the video at minute 7... sorry!


W E A R :: in a flurry

details :: top/anthropologie, sweater/united colors of benneton, jeans/hco, boots/nurture, necklace c/o Vinca

The weather in Texas has been so moody. One day it's snowing, the next I have the ac blasting - so exciting! I actually walked out of the house the other day and it just started to snow, I knew I had to capture the moment so I took some photos. It was kind of perfect.

I'm in love with this tiny little fox necklace I received this last week. I haven't been able to take it off! And the clasp is probably the cutest part, but silly me didn't get to photograph it! You'll just have to check it out on their website! It's adorable, I promise.

This weekend husband and I went to Houston for the Passion Conference. I had the privilege of being in the choir and it was an experience I will never forget! If you've never heard of it, I'd encourage you to checkout their website - they'll be in Houston again next year on January 30th-1st! I'm already making plans to be there!

happy president's day!


S A Y :: do what you're good at

D O   W  H A T    Y O U  ' R E    G O O D   A T 

I read these words the other day and I haven't been able to shake em. I think somehow in attempt to grow, we try our hand at things and let's be honest, we're just not that good at them. For some reason we continue to do these things, either because we're "supposed to", we feel like "we should be good at this", or simply because we want to "get better". But here's the honest truth, we should stop doing the stuff we suck at and start doing the things we're great at! Not only will our work be more satisfying, because generally we love what we're good at, but we'll create work that is great, instead of creating something mediocre. Find your strengths and build on those. Sure, we should work towards turning our weaknesses into... not weaknesses(?), but more than that, we should capitalize on our strengths. As I write this, I start to question whether or not I even know what those are. That's another thing! Sometimes we focus so much on the things we're lousy at that we don't even realize what we're great at! So, stop what you're doing (but finish reading this first), grab a pen and paper, or pull up pages, or grab your phone and open up notes - write down your strengths. For some it may be easy, but I'd venture to say a few of us will stare at our blank page for a moment or two. When we know our strengths and stop trying to "fit in" and be something we're just not, it's so freeing! Instead of being a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, stressing ourselves to be great at something we were never even intended to be good at, we can just simply be who we were created to be. We were all created with brilliant thoughts and ideas, filled with gifts and talents, brimming over with potential, so... what are your strengths? 


W E A R :: fresh cuts

d e t a i l s :: dress/free people, leggings/olsenboye, shoes/sam edelman, scarf/urban outfitters

Weather in Texas is confusing. One day it's freezing and I have ten layers on and then there's pleasantly cool days like this weekend. I wish it was a cool 65 every day.

In other news, I got my hair cut. Can you tell?? Probably not. It was only a trim. I have to be honest, I hate getting my hair cut and I don't do it nearly as often as I should. I just love having long hair and so to lose an inch or two is just painful. Anyone else hate haircuts?

xo. mel


M A K E :: crochet hook case

I know that knitting and crocheting is often associated with the elderly, but you know what? I love to crochet and knit!! I especially love to do it to help pass the time. Husband and I have a road trip planned for next weekend and I thought I could get some crocheting done while we're in the car. I love having a variety of needles with me, so I needed to make something to hold them all. Instead of a pouch, I thought I'd try something a little different and I love the result!

S U P P L I E S   ::  scrap leather, cord, Sharpie Paint Pen, Scissors

E A S Y   A S   1 ,  2 ,  3 
1.) Start by laying out your crochet hooks so you know the right spacing and how many slits you'll need to cut. You'll want to leave some room on the left, so it'll be easier to wrap.

2.) While your hooks are still on the leather, you can make a mark of where you need to cut or you can eyeball it like I did. Remove the hooks and start cutting. You'll need two slits per hook. It helps to fold the leather where you want to cut and then snip. 

 3.) Once you've made all of your slits, stick your hooks in. You may need to adjust how wide your slit is based on the size of your hook. Remember you don't want to make them too big, or the hooks will fall right through. They should be snug.

4.) Next, grab your cord and cut about 12inches. Using the same technique you did for your slits, cut a small hole along the left edge of your leather. Slip your cord through and make a knot. Cut the excess cord off. 

5.) Wrap your leather up starting on the right side. Once you reach the end, wrap your cord around. It should wrap around a few times, but you can cut off any excess.
6.) Unwrap and add details! I decided to make little plus signs using my Sharpie paint pen. Get creative!

I'm in love with how this turned out! And now I can easily store my crochet hooks when I'm at home and quickly take them with me on any trip. You can easily switch out the crochet hooks for anything: paint brushes, colored pencils, knitting needles, makeup brushes… the possibilities are endless!

If you decide to try this out, leave a link below so we can all see how it turned out! And if you're looking for more diys, check out my glossary.

Happy Making!

xo. melisa