W H A T W E W O R E :: engagement three

on her :: top/anthropologie, pants/urban outfitters
on him :: shirt/urban outfitters, pants/pacsun

It's so fun to look back on all of these engagement photos. Although it's only been 5 months, it seems like such a blur. The engagement season is so strange, because it feels like every day is stretched, but they roll right through and before you know it, you're a week away! Yes, we are a week away. You will no longer have to hear about wedding-y things and we can finally start to regain some normalcy around here. I am so excited for this new season in life. I'm going to be a wife! This is amazing.


B I T S + P I E C E S

So we went to the fair last week, which just so happened to be Elisha's first time to the State Fair! Crazy. So of course, we ate everything in sight and did all there was to do. We actually got to go with my work, because I drove a bus - yes, a bus. Me, behind the wheel of a 13 passenger vehicle. It was quite the sight and an experience I shall not soon forget. It was fun to go on a date with Elisha and to experience the fair in all of it's greatness!

Last night we had our first premarital counseling session, which surprisingly I really enjoyed. In all of our years together, Elisha and I have never met with someone to discuss us. Maybe seperately we've done so, but never together, to receive council - we've just kind of figured it out on our own. Which, is great and all, but to discuss "us" with someone else really gives a whole new perspective on our relationship. And I love it! All of that to say, if you don't have someone (or a couple) in your life, that you and your other can go and talk to, you should get one. It's like totally great.

We are less than two weeks away now. like whoa.

xo. melisa


W H A T W E W O R E // engagement two

on her :: dress/free people, sandals & necklace/american eagle, bracelet/vintage
on him :: shirt/american apparel, pants/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

This is probably my favorite set from the photos. I feel like they just capture "us". I don't know if it's normal but we're just about two weeks away from the wedding and the initial shock of "Oh my gosh this is real! I'm getting married!" still hasn't worn off. I know I should probably be stressed and freaking out at this point, but I'm really not... In fact, I may be more stressed about the fact that I'm not stressing. Either way, I'm getting married in 16 days and it's gonna be awesome because whether it rains, or the flowers don't show up, or I trip and fall, I'm leaving that place with a husband and that's all I want for. And of course I hope NONE of that happens. Although, I have been told by many brides, that something always goes wrong. I'm interested to hear if it's true. Did you run into any hiccups at your wedding? Any fun stories to share??

xo. melisa

note :: you can see our first set of engagement photos here.



I snapped these the first week we were in our apartment. We didn't have any furniture so we ate on a the cardboard box that the desk came in. Resourceful. We've been trying to get it all ready for when Elisha can move in and it'll be our home. It's been fun and a lot of work, but it's coming together beautifully and I can't wait to share! 

I'll do a full home tour after the wedding! 

xo. melisa


L E W E D :: the wait is worth it

This is a post for all of the lovely ladies who are either: currently dating someone that they've been with for several years, or currently not dating anyone and wondering if they will ever meet "the one".

As a Christian, there's this certain pressure to get married young and start your ministry as soon as possible.  Most girls are encouraged to get married during their college years and at my university there was a saying of getting your "ring by spring". As crazy as it may seem to some, I gave into this idea and wondered when I was going to get married. I started dating Elisha when I was 16 and as I've shared before, I was certain that we were going to get married - and so was he. We had initially wanted to get married once I graduated high school (kids in love). Plans changed when I decided to enroll in a 9 month intensive discipleship program called Master's Commission. It was like a mixture of an internship with the church and bible school; focusing on devoting your time and energy on your relationship with God. I was excited, but the only problem was the fact that during your first year, you weren't allowed to date. Which meant Elisha and I had to "break up". I put quotes because yes, we didn't date, we didn't talk or text, but in our hearts we knew that this was a season for us, but we were still going to be together.

So, we postponed the inevitable marriage. I ended up doing another year of Master's Commission and we were able to date again. After that year we moved to Texas and I started school in the Fall and he started his new position. We decided marriage during school just wasn't smart or responsible for us. We wanted to start fresh - no debt or school bills and full time jobs. So we waited.

Now, during these years, don't think I was cool, calm or collected. More often than not, I was a mess! I understood that there was a plan, but I'm a girl and as girls, we tend to freak out. I saw my friends getting married. They were getting married to guys that they had met, dated and married all during the time that Elisha and I had been together. It wasn't easy. Simply because I was just so ready to move onto the next phase with Elisha.

Here's what you need to understand; every moment you are with the man you love, should be enough. period. I remember God asking me, "what if you never got to marry Elisha?" I told Him that was ridiculous and He couldn't possibly be serious. Again, He asked the question and I thought to myself. Well, I would still be with him. If I could never be his wife, it would be beyond difficult, but I love him and I cannot imagine my life without him. It was in that moment that I understood. In whatever season we're in, close or far away from eachother, on a break or going strong, dating or married, we are together. Together forever.

I know the wait is hard. Oh trust me, I know. 

I guess I wanted to share this because it always encouraged me to know that there wasn't something wrong with me - like I wasn't the only one in the boat. There's quite a few in your boat. Most of the time I felt like I was the captain of the boat. But there was a day, when Elisha proposed, that in a single moment, all the waiting, all the tears, all the conversations with God, all the anxiety, worries and wondering, finally made sense. I know there could've been an easier way. I know we could've just gotten married right away, but if we had, I wouldn't have known God's faithfulness the way I do today. I am able to appreciate His loving care for us and His plan in an entirely new way. For that, I am grateful. It's our story. It's unique and it's not the way everyone should have it, but that's what makes our relationships so perfect. 

xo. melisa


B E W E L L :: healthy habits

When my life gets busy it tends to take a toll on my health. So, I wanted to make a list to remind myself to maintain healthy habits during this season. Taking care of yourself should never fall beyond your top 5 priorities. You matter.

drink / at least 9 cups of water a day
run / at least once a week
learn / something new each day
enjoy / less amounts of chocolate
soak / in every last moment of being engaged
take / more photos of life
remember / to take my vitamins
talk / to family more often
hangout / with friends regularly
listen / more 
stop / to breathe
stress / less
believe / in myself
spend / more time with God
avoid / negative people
work / hard
play / games for fun
craft / just because
make / a home


So what does your list look like??

xo. melisa


N E W S P A C E :: new address

I realize I've been absent lately. I've had a significant change in my life - I moved into our new home! It's been kind of nuts around here; planning the wedding (4 weeks, people!), planning a huge youth event, and finally moving and unpacking. It's wonderful to know that so many incredible things are happening, but it's also really quite exhausting. So forgive me for not being around as much. I promise things will go back to normal around here soon! Thank you for bearing with me. You truly are the best readers. I'm really excited to share peeks at the progress around here. And any fun decor shops/ideas you come across and want to share, are greatly appreciated. Thanks friends!

xo. melisa


W H A T W E W O R E // engagement one

on her :: dress/free people, sandals/target, flower crown/handmade
on him :: pants & shirt/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

I'm happy to finally start sharing our engagement photos with you! First lets talk about how much I love these: I love how handsome Elisha is in his button up, I love that the lighting was superb, I love that Kalli captured our quirkiness, and I love how perfectly they embody "us". Now, let's talk about that flower crown that wasn't even supposed to be in but a few photos and turned out to be the best idea. I had gone to the store the night before the shoot, to pick up some flowers to use as a bouquet for the shoot, but decided to turn them into a flower crown about ten minutes before walking out the door, ha! Some quick crafting happening! I think it turned out okay, meaning it stayed on my head and looked pretty, and I couldn't be happier with how our first set of photos turned out. I'll be sharing more next week!

Today we're moving me into our new home! I am beyond words excited! I can't wait to start nesting and making it a place where we can be us, together. We're still currently looking for a couch and desks. Let me know in the comments below, if you know of any good places we should check out!


footnote: photography by Kalli Carr


Dreaming of Fall

1 . 23 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 14 . 15 . 16

It may still  be 90 degrees outside and I'm currently wearing a tanktop and sandals, but I'm still hopeful for a wonderful fall! I know that some people are already fully embracing fall weather, but I'd say we have a few more weeks to endure here in Texas. I'm dreaming of chai, scarves and boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice and tights! Yes, it'll be here soon and I can't wait! What's your favorite part of fall??

xo. melisa


L E W E D :: Bridal Shower

My bridesmaids threw me the perfect Bridal Shower this weekend! I was so excited to share such a special day with ladies I love. We sipped a variety of teas and each girl got to keep her cup and plate as a gift! They interviewed Elisha and had him answer questions that they then asked me. Most of our answers were pretty spot on and some of them were just ridiculous. It's a pretty great feeling knowing the man you're about to marry knows you so well... and still loves you! I love that we'll be able to share this video with our kiddos one day. 

Lately, (especially after this weekend) I have just felt so blessed by the incredible people that are in our lives. I was telling Elisha the other day, "we have a pretty cool life, huh?"To which he responded with a "yes!" It wasn't to brag or be prideful, but honestly a very humbling thought. I know that we have worked very hard, that we have been committed and obedient to where God has called us, but in the end, we are rarely deserving of the blessings He gives us. With each day, I learn that more and more.

We are now 37 days away and I couldn't be more excited!

xo. melisa

Footnote :: Photography by Kalli Carr