Autumn Update: Part One

Happy Update! I've decided to do my update in phases:) I'll be sharing new items every day!! Go check out the shop and see the new pretties! I hope your day was wonderful! Look back tomorrow for more updates! :)

xo. Melisa 


Wardrobe Wednesday: Let It Rain

Let It Rain

Since fall is here and that usually means rain, I thought I'd make the cutest rain outfit^_^ I am loving that cape. My goal this season is to find one that's not so outrageously priced. Have a beautiful day!

xo. Melisa


Etsy Tuesday Treasures.

I didn't forget! You thought I forgot didn't you... well I didn't! Here's some new pretties...
This necklace reminds me of a tea party^_^

I loooove this clock!! It's just lovely.

This baby hedgehog by Katie is way too cute!!

I love love this bag. I wish I had more money...
That's all for now. Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!!

Loves, Melisa


Autumn Update Sneak Peek

I thought I'd give you a tiny peek at what's to come THIS Friday!! The new Autumn Update is almost here^_^ I also have several new items in the shop that I've never had before, including these new lovely vintage inspired bows!! 

Can't wait to show you everything. We'll be doing the photoshoot on Thursday and you can expect the update to happen Friday night. Excited to finally share what I've been working on this past month. Hope your monday was lots of fun!

xo. Melisa

Vintage Inspired Arrow DIY

I came across this really great DIY and thought I'd share it with all of you. Danielle created this lovely DIY for Modern Kiddo and I think it's just the neatest idea^_^

xo. Melisa


Vintage Love.

Today the Mister surprised me and took me to an antique mall!! It is now officially my favorite one because I made out like a bandit! The items were so pretty and there were so many sales, I could hardly contain my excitement! I purchased; a vintage suitcase (which i've been wanting forever!), lots and lots of pretty buttons, Madame Butterfly records{!!}, a lovely shrug, and a beautiful floral deck of cards!! We used them to play Gin Rummy at Starbucks ^_^

xo. Melisa


Nerd Alert.

Tonight I was a nerd.  We had a fun nerd/saturated fats party; random but oh so fun^_^ I made my yarn glasses and I'm thinking of maybe selling some in the shop because they were so fun to make!! 

xo. Melisa

My Lovely Little Suitcase Giveaway

So I know I promised you more giveaways starting October, but in the meantime I thought I'd let you in on another giveaway that's going on... Lane of My Lovely Little Suitcase is having a pretty splendid giveaway. You should go take a peek and enter to win:) Good Luck!

xo. Melisa

Oh Weather!

Today I had planned to go help out at a community event with my church. It was a Pecan Festival! Unfortunately, it just got cancelled due to rain. In trying not to be too disappointed i've located these lovely rain photos.

Perhaps, now that I'm inspired, I'll turn my day into a rained out day of creating?? Yes I think so. Oh and I'm going to a "nerd party" tonight. Pictures to come. Have a wonderful Friday please!

xo. Melisa

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Dear Fall,

I missed you. I had such a pleasant time with Summer, but it sure is nice to feel your nice cool air^_^ Now it's time to get back to all of my favorite things...
Trees covered in all shades of yellow orange and red!

Warm lovely scarves and the prettiest coats!

And the sweet smell of Caramel Apple Spice!!

I'll be sure to grab the extra blanket for the night^_^ Bye Summer!

xo. Melisa

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A Sweet Night.

Tonight I went with boyfriend to Starbucks:) I drank a Caramel Apple Spice (cause it's officially fall) and studied while he designed and looked cute... all in all a very perfect night! I hope you had fun with today's Wardrobe Wednesday Extreme! 
I have SO much studying to do before bed, but I just wanted to wish you a sweet night! So long!

xo. Melisa

Just a couple...

So I thought I'd end our Wardrobe Wednesday Extravaganza with this lovely photo. I think the styling is superb and the photo is oh so sweet^_^

xo. Melisa


What are you're feelings on the cateye look?? I'm personally a fan...

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Fashion for Little Ones.

I don't have any little ones in my life just yet, but once I do, they must be dressed as cute as these little guys!

And my MOST favorite!!


xo. Melisa


They are SO pretty! Fall always makes me want to throw my hair into braids! What's you're favorite fall hairstyle??

xo. Melisa

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