Painting with JORD

It's been awhile, friends! I have been up to quite a bit, so here's a quick rundown. I am finishing up my Masters in December, and homework has been eating up a lot of my free time. I got promoted! I'm now the Director of Online Admissions at SAGU. I started using Snapchat, and it's definitely a good distraction (pienthesky if you want to follow along). Gretchen is now 4 and she's really into long walks and scrambled eggs, lately. Elisha has run several races, and this year he's planning to trifecta TWICE for the Spartan Race. I visited Salt Lake City, New York, Austin, and San Antonio this year, and we have a big vacation planned for August - more to come! I've been painting... a lot! I've been painting prints, wood slices, and more recently, some abstract canvases - you can check them out in the shop. I honestly never thought it would be such a significant part of my life, but I thoroughly enjoy it. Finally, I have been purging my closet and seeking a more minimal wardrobe, which involves incorporating a new staple piece back into my life; I've started to wear watches! I used to wear a watch every single day until about my freshman year of high school (over ten years ago - whoa I'm feeling old!). I'm not sure why I stopped wearing them, but I have recently fallen back in love! I got this beautiful wood watch from JORD, and I am simply smitten. Like whoa.

I really love the coloring of this one, and I feel like it matches everything I wear perfectly. The Zebrawood is beautiful and I love that it has a luxurious look, and is handcrafted with gorgeous materials. Even the packing is unique and special. If you're looking to add to your collection, or start it, be sure to check out JORD. They also have a really great collection of men's watches which would be perfect for Father's Day, which is right around the corner (that snuck up!). I'm thinking Elisha might need one to match mine.

I'll be sharing more soon! Promise. Have a great week, friends!

xo. Mel