What I Wore // Ponies

Remember how I graduate in TEN days?! What?? Yes, I can't believe it either. I've been in a whirlwind of homework and final projects. However, I did manage to do a little blog update. Do you like? Do you miss the old look? Do you even care? I get oftly bored pretty quickly, so I like keeping a fresh new look every few months. This might drive some people crazy, but I enjoy change, forgive me. 

Here's a pretty dress with ponies that I wore while visiting Adrienne this last weekend. I managed to snag this one on sale for only ten dollars. I just love a good deal^_^

details: dress // Urban Outfitters, sweater // PINK, tights // Target, 
boots // Minnetonka, watch // vintage, scarf // H&M

We're halfway through the week. I know we can make it! Have a happy Thursday friends! OH and please go say hi to my lovely new sponsors. Thanks!



sponsors and their loveliness

Can we all just take a moment to talk about how incredible my sponsors are?? Yes, lets. In the last two years, this little blog has grown and grown and I have been so fortunate to welcome new sponsors each and every month. I love love making new friends and I truly do consider my sponsors to be my friends. I love reading their blogs and visiting their sites, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite posts from their lovely little slices of the blog world. So here we go.

How Adorable is Kara and how crazy cute are her new tees?? I really want the "free" one!

Can we talk about how amazing Savannah's new lookbook is?! Oh my stars, I am just smitten with her styling! sheesh.

Lindsay shared an extremely inspiring book on her blog that I do believe I must purchase. But really.

Kind of really in love with this DIY that Janee shared. I love glitter and I love animals... project done!

So I love my new Pie N' the Sky laptop decal, but I'm also totally digging this narwhal. Yes, I said digging. 

Sooo I love Caitlin, and seriously, I love love her dog! Look at that face! He doesn't even look real he's so darn cute. She has had some seriously awesome posts, like the one where she talks about her new Christmas album with Hum (hooray!), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a photo of little Albus here. 

I reeeeally really really like this bag. Really.

Well I enjoyed looking through Lauren's post on her obsession with clouds. Mostly because I too enjoy looking at clouds, but really who doesn't? I for one have never heard anyone say they hate clouds. Probably because that would be absurd. Mostly.

I am just smitten with this pretty ruffled headband. Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and happy that it's Fall??

eeeee! I love love love this post that Sarah did! SO inspiring; I can't wait to do something like this with my old photos.

How adorable is Lauren in this What I Wore post?? So cute.

Love this DIY by Gina on Acute Designs ^_^

Still can't get over how sweet and pretty Allison's engagement photos turned out^_^

Love these shorts that Stephanie is sporting in this What I Wore post. I need some scalloped shorts.

They are all pretty great, just sayin... I know I'm biased and all, but I really do have some pretty remarkable sponsors ^_^ Thank you all for making Pie N' the Sky a little bit prettier! 

Hope you will go and visit them and say hi! Have a swell Wednesday friends!



Keepin Austin Weird

 I love visiting Adrienne. Mostly because I love her and mostly because I love Austin. This time around we were able to head on over to the first Renegade Craft Fair Winter event! It was lovely as usual and I was able to purchase a few Christmas presents, as well as some goodies for myself of course. I think one of the coolest most weirdest feelings is when I meet blog readers in real life and they actually know who I am. I don't think I will ever get over this feeling; very surreal, but extremely cool. I wish I could meet all of you! 

My sister and I have fallen in love with the fair and are hoping (fingers crossed) that we will be able to have our very own booth next year! eeeep! It'll take a lot of work, but we're looking forward to it^_^ And then maybe I can meet a few more of you?? Yes, I hope so!

Anywhos, here's a few shots I took while on vacay. Yes, that's what I just called it... vacay. Enjoy.

Hope you are having a wonderful start to an even better week! Sending you lots and lots of happy thoughts. Happy Monday!


Senior Photos // Phase 4

Okay here's the last set of photos, promise. 

How was your Thanksgiving? I'm back home and let me tell you, I am completely ready for Christmas!! It's kind of crazy that I'm graduating in 11 days! Just nuts. I have quite a few projects I still need to get done, but then it's over, oh geeze. Okay, so I have a lot to share because I had a superb time with my sis and photos need to be posted for sure.  Be back later.

details: dress // Urban Outfitters, tights // Forever 21, shoes // Scathingly Brilliant




I'm excited to announce that sponsor spots for Pie N' the Sky are now available in the shop here. Or if you'd like to get more info you can check out the sponsor page.  I'm really excited for what this holiday season looks like for the blog and shop; it's a great season to be a part. Currently Pie N' the Sky receives anywhere from 300-550 views a day and has some of the most lovely & loyal readers. I'd love to work with you!



Senior Photos // Phase 3

Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet? I'm nearly done! Crazy right?? But I'm proud of myself; I love love shopping for Christmas presents! 

Here's the next set of my photos by the sweet Jennifer Marie. I forgot to mention that along with being a fantastic photographer, she also write for Bangstyle! Love her.

details: dress // Target, tights // Anthro, Shoes // Target


The Christmas Tree

So I think it's finally okay to start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies AND putting up the Christmas tree!! Even though I kinda started doing all of that about two weeks ago (shh) Yesterday, Adrienne and I went to target to get her very first Christmas tree and had so so much fun hanging up all of the ornaments. There's something so magical about a Christmas tree all lit up. 

Growing up we always went to Ruidoso to cut down a real tree, which made it even more fun. I also really loved the fresh pine-y smell that it filled the livingroom with^_^ So how about you? Real or fake tree??