a peek at what I've been up to

I've been making pretty things with every free moment I have lately! I made these hair clips and am just thrilled with how they came out. I love the gold nuggets; a reader left a comment on my instagram that they looked like pieces of the moon and I must agree. They are pretty magical. 

I'm saving these for the Renegade Craft Fair, but hopefully I'll make more soon after to post in the online shop. I hope your week has gotten off to a sweet start!

Also, the winner of the lovely bracelet and ring offered by My Life in Lavender, is Brittany! Thanks so much to all who participated!



sponsor in May

I'm completely excited for what May will bring to my little slice of the blog world. It will be such an exciting month, as I'll be sharing my very first booth at a Renegade Craft Fair with my sister, updating the shop with tons of new pretties and much much more! I'd love for you to take part! If you're interested, you can visit my sponsor page and make your purchase here



oh hi sponsors

I love highlighting my sponsors because they always have so much to offer; whether it be crafy diys, pretty photos, videos, or just terribly inspiring posts; I just love following along on their blog journey. Here are a few of my favorite posts from this month's Pie N' the Sky sponsors!

This really cute Nail DIY on Modern Buttercup
This insanely wonderful Floral Collar DIY from Sincerely Kinsey
I'm still obsessed with this video from Dove Tree
I love love love this Art Photoshoot Laura did on Roots & Feathers
I'm completely smitten with this journal from The Orange Windmill
This beautiful post on Let It Be from Scenic Glory
These amazing gold slippers made by Hue & Hum
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If you haven't taken the time to visit these lovely ladies, please do. They each mean so much to me and this blog. I'm ever so grateful for their support. I hope you all have a wonderful day and find a new blogger friend to follow along with!



Giveaway // My Life In Lavender

Anjni of My Life in Lavender is offering two lovely pieces from her upcoming shop! I'm just smitten with that bracelet! The lucky winner will receive this bracelet and ring - to enter all you have to do is follow My Life in Lavender via GFC and leave a comment below with your email! I'll announce the winner on Monday the 30th!Good luck friends!



an update

Hi remember me??

I feel full of lame for not being more present as of late. And I'm sure you're over the excuses, but seriously y'all, working these long days and being in ministry is exhausting. I feel like everyday I get 3 hours to do with as I please, but it mostly gets eaten up by "to do's". I miss having the ability to spend hours just being creative and blogging and taking photos and making lovelies and not being "angry tired". That's a new term I've coined as of late, you know when you're so tired you're just a grumps... angry tired.

So this is me being real. I'm human and sometimes I can't do it all and I grow and I learn to adjust. I know there's a lot of you in the same boat. Have any tips? I've heard quite a few, and heck, I've even written posts about it, but sometimes I wake up or get home and think "I simply have no energy left in me." 

I did manage however, to stay up late last night to finish up some new rings / hair pretties! They came out so great and it really sparked that creativity. It's there, I just have to muster up the energy to make extra time for it. These lovelies are for my upcoming booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin on May 19th!! I simply cannot wait!



a segway tour

The Mr surprised me last week on our date day; as opposed to our regular date night, which has since been deemed date day due to my new work schedule. He purchased a groupon for a segway tour of the Botanical Gardens in Ft Worth - I know we look a little geeky, but seriously guys, it was SO much fun!! The segways we rode were off-road ones, so they cost $7000! Cray cray. They do a tour of the stockyards too and have polo games! haha, we'll probably do that next! I love us.

I have missed blogging so much as of late. I really wish I could be more present. I'm trying to adjust to my new schedule and I know I'll get the hang of all of this. Thanks so much for bearing with me. I hope your week has been all sorts of grand!



A Word of Encouragement

Have you ever encountered a fork in the road? You know, like you have two options and you're not sure which one is the "right one."  Here's what I've come to the conclusion of over the last month or so. In your life you will have many forks in the road, opportunities to go one way or the other. While it makes more sense to believe that one way is the "right way" and the other will lead to ultimate doom, I dare take a different perspective. What if, they're both the "right one"?? What if both will get you to the destination you (or God) desires? Is it possible that both will be the "right choice" and both, carrying their own sets of challenges, promises and blessings, will in fact get you to where you need to be; and somehow you have been entrusted with the glorious option of simply choosing which to take based solely on your preference?? I believe so. 

Yes, I think sometimes we are faced with two options and one is clearly a better choice and the other may lead down some serious trials, but more often than not I think we find ourselves in the Two Good Paths scenario. I believe God has a plan. I like to think of my life as a maze of sorts - sometimes I feel completely lost and I feel as though I'm turning aimlessly, while other times I see a turn up ahead that makes total and complete sense and I know for certain I'm going to make it through okay. There are countless times when I face a decision of turning right or left and in all reality, they will both get me to the end; one may take longer, have a few more crazy turns, but if I'm still seeking God, still living my life the way I know to be true, then I'll make it out alive and well. 

I just think it's incredible that God, the maker of all I know to be true, trusts me. Because that's what all this is about. We get ourselves into these situations and we immediately seek God through prayer and get all sorts of anxious when we don't hear a definitive yes or no. Honestly, I kind of love when God does this. It's a bigger leap of faith for me to trust in myself than it is to trust in God. That's worded kind of silly so let me explain, when I hear from God, I know for certain it's God and I listen and obey. When I don't hear from God, it freaks me out. Let's just be honest, at a certain point you have to be willing to trust that God trusts you. Making a choice because God says as opposed to making it based on what God has taught you through the years is just easier, in my opinion. 

Take this all with a grain of salt, but this is simply what has been on my heart and I just wanted to share. If you feel like you're at a fork, and you're not really hearing a yes or no from God, just know that He hasn't left you, He's standing by your side and He trusts you. With Him there is no wrong way; if you're seeking out His dreams for your life then you will get there. Don't give up and believe in who He has created you to be. You can do anything you set your heart to. ( and there was much rejoicing!)



bits + pieces // easter

This day was quite possibly one of the best days ever. But seriously, a tiny baby bunny in my hands. Does it get better?? Only if I got to keep the bunny^_^

Did you have a happy Easter? It's been non stop crazy as of late, so forgive my recent absence. I promise to be back soon with more fun posts! Hope you have a splendid weekend friends!!



stamps and arrows

I recently decided to start branching out with the product that Pie N' the Sky produces - thus the creation of things like the Arrowhead Rings and the Triangle Love Journals (and totes, but they haven't been listed). I decided to take a stroll down custom painted scarves. This is what happened.

It was fun to make and fairly simple to design the stamps; the idea to make a stamp came from a DIY Elsie, at A Beautiful Mess, did last month. I kind of love how they turned out! I think I'll be adding these to sell at my booth at the Renegade Craft fair next month in Austin! Can't believe it's so close! If you're in the area, please stop by and say hi!

Happy Crafting!
xo. Melisa


Toms Tutorial from Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard

Hi Everyone! I've owned my navy blue Toms since 2006 when they first came out. But I've hardly ever worn them because I always feel so weird wearing navy blue shoes with navy blue jeans. I guess it makes me feel like I'm wearing a onesie on my bottom half only, hehehe. This last week I finally decided to add a little color to my Toms so I can start wearing them again. Perhaps you'd like to make your Toms a little extra special too?

What you will need:::

A pair of canvas shoes

Fabric paint
Q-tips {or paint brush}

I went with some pretty low key colors for my Toms because I didn't want to constantly feel like my shoes clash with my outfit. {Actually, if we're being honest, The Beard told me I needed to go with low key colors because he knew if I chose a bright color I'd feel like I needed to match it. At least he understands my neurosis right?} Since mine are navy blue I chose white and baby blue. 

I didn't want to completely cover any sections of my shoes and I also didn't feel confident enough in my sketching abilities to really do anything elaborate so I decided to just go with some cute little polka dots.

For starters I took the lid off the fabric paint and dipped the Q-tip directly into the paint bottle. I discovered that the canvas absorbed more of the paint than I expected so I had to get a quite a bit of paint on the Q-tip for it to really show up well. 

I began with the heel and sporadically placed dots of white paint. I skipped the middle portion of the shoe which I wanted to leave as it was and moved to the front part. It was really hard for me to place the dots randomly and not form a grid, but I think I did ok!

After I'd put as many white dots as I wanted I filled in the empty sections with baby blue dots.

At this point I thought I was finished but decided I just couldn't live without at least a tiny pop of contrasting color. What better place than the tags? I carefully stuck a piece of masking tape behind each of the tags to keep paint off the canvas behind them.

Then I used a paint brush to give the tags a very thin layer of paint so the letters would still show through.

Ta Daa! 
Now I have personalized Toms that will go with a wide variety of outfits. Just a splash of pattern and color was exactly what they needed.

I hope you have fun painting your Toms as well!


For more fun DIY's from Janee, you can hop on over to her blog Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard!