Final Summer Giveaway!

Yay! It's finally here!! This is the final Summer giveaway and I'm SO excited to share it with you. For this giveaway you will be able to choose ONE of two options! You'll get to choose from a Pie N' the Sky necklace OR a brand new Pie N' the Sky headband!! This headband is one of the new styles that hasn't even been put in the shop yet! eee!!

There they are! To enter just sign your name and your favorite memory from this Summer:) I'll announce the winner next Monday!

Good luck. Melisa


  1. hi little love. i LOVE the key necklace a whole whole lot!

    i believe you could guess what my favorite memory from summer was...the little sis' wedding. :)

    great work. you're doing a fab job.

  2. Anonymous6.9.10

    I loove the necklace. All your work is wonderful though!

    My favorite summer memory would be seeing my son grow up into the little toddler he is today.My most memorable moment would have to be the day of his birthday party!

  3. great giveaway...both these items are so cute!

    my favourite summer memory was probably when i got to see the backstreet boys live with my two best friends! haha...my childhood dream came true :)

  4. Kassandra Asel6.9.10

    ahh hey melissa
    i love the necklace and headband.
    they are super cute and amazing:)
    i would love to have those.
    my favorite memory was in hawaii with my best friend franki and we went parasailing, it was amazing:)

    great job with everything, love you:)

  5. Lauren6.9.10

    It's been a long time. I hope your doing well. Just wanted to say all your stuff is beautiful!

    I would have to say my favorite summer memory is going to visit my sister in Alaska.

  6. i LOVE that necklace!! ur stuff is super cute!! great job! :)

    My fav summer memory would be hanging out on the court square of our town taking silly pictures! so much fun! :D

  7. Anonymous6.9.10

    hi cutie! i really like the key necklace and i know i am gonna win!

    my fav memory was the summer wedding of 2010 where i got to see all "my girls"!

    i am so proud of you!

  8. Anonymous6.9.10

    Hannah Novak

    Hmm.. my favorite memory from the summer is having my brother come visit us for a weekend. :)

  9. Anonymous6.9.10

    Cynthia Garofalo

    Favorite memory of summer:
    I have two:)
    1)Dancing the night away at my friends wedding.
    2)Meeting Devin's family!

  10. Awe I love both items! The headband would definitely trend well with my wardrobe! My favorite memory of summer was visiting and falling head over heels in love with Philadelphia! <3

  11. i love these!! they're so great! and i would say my favorite part of summer was getting the opportunity to photograph camp for the district and learning new things!!

  12. Anonymous11.9.10

    Melisa, your stuff as always is beautiful! My favorite summer memory is moving to Seattle and exploring this wonderful city. :)