D O W N L O A D :: everything you do has purpose

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I don't know about you, but sometimes routines and mundane activity can make me feel... unaccomplished. It's in those moments though that I'm reminded that all that we do, however meaningless and small it may seem, is preparing us for something greater. You are filled with purpose. Your life has meaning. You are not on this earth to simply live and die, but to create, to think, to love and give, to make known what you wish and dream what others are incapable of seeing. You are unique and you are blessed. Take your life and make use of it. Everything you do has purpose. The goal is simply finding that purpose and going after it with all of your being.

xo. melisa

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  1. I love this background and your post definitely hits home! the routines and daily life stuff is totally getting me down too of late. Here's the making the every day bits count and working towards the awesomeness of future things!