N E W :: design page

There have been a few changes here on the blog lately - some that are noticeable and some that are a little behind the scenes, so I thought I'd mention one that I'm most thrilled about. 

I'm excited to share the new Pie N' the Sky design page with you! I'm offering new packages as well as all new design elements in the A La Carte Menu! You can see everything on the design page. For more info you can always email me too. 

Above, are a few new designs I finished up for Jes, Megan, and Juli this past month. I love working with such creative and inspiring young women! If you're interested in a new design, I'd love to work with you! I'm currently taking three clients a month and offering a 20% discount for this month! Yay for discounts!

Lets work together!!

xo. melisa


  1. I love those! They look great.


  2. Thanks Melisa! You did an amazing job! Hire this girl, everyone!