T I P S + A D V I C E :: thirty ways to a better a day

Sure, we all have bad days but we do ourselves a disservice when we allow the bad days to get the best of us. Giving in to a bad day is simply a waste of precious hours you could be using to do something incredible. So, in order to battle the bad days, here's a list of thirty ways to have a better day.

Call up an old friend
Pet a dog
Read a magazine
Eat some chocolate
Go for a run
Light a candle
Say hi to a stranger
Twirl in your dress
Write something down with a permanent marker
Open up your bible
Think of your best day
Turn on your favorite song
Go to Target. Walk around. Breathe.
Give someone a hug
Write down five things you're good at
Give someone a compliment
Watch this video
Drink some chai
Take a selfie
Paint your nails
Take a bath
Buy an unneeded beauty item
Go to a yoga class
High-five a friend
Dream of a perfect day
Learn a new joke
Roll your windows down and dance while driving

I know life can get hard. I understand that sometimes it's easier to call it a day and shut the door and wait for tomorrow. I know that life is worth the struggle though. So in the midst of the bad days and terrible moments, take a step back and try to make it better. If for no other reason than your sanity. You can do it! Here's to a better day!

xo. melisa


  1. Anonymous5.5.14

    I love this so much! I needed this today. xoxo


  2. They're such simple things, but they really can make our day go a little better.

    feathers and ash

  3. I love "Go to Target. Walk around. Breathe." Definitely a mood booster!

  4. Hi!
    What a beautiful blog!!! It made me feel happy!
    Thanks for all these inspiring ideas.

    XO from france.

  5. Thank you for this. Such simple yet great ideas.

  6. your post has been linked in my may favorite blog posts ^^ ♥

  7. Personal favorite: "Go to Target. Walk around. Breathe."

    I have been known to spend many a Friday evening after a long work week doing just that. :)