M A K E :: cord planter

It's no secret that I love plants. In fact my instagram is primarily a feed of Gretchen, plants and nice words. I got this plant a few weeks ago and decided to make my pot, instead of buying a new one. This diy is definitely budget friendly and pretty dang easy if I do say so myself. 

S U P P L I E S :: rope/chord , hot glue gun , planter

1 / Start by gluing down one end of your chord to the bottom edge of your planter. 

2) Continue to wrap your chord all the way around the planter. you can use the same chord or alternate colors, by cutting smaller lengths of another color chord. Be sure to glue down as you wrap and snip any loose edges. If it frays, it's okay, it'll add character!

Yes, it is just that easy! I love how it adds a different texture to our living room. If you decide to do this diy, as always, leave a link below for us all to see how it turned out! 

xo mel


  1. Plants aren't really my thing.....but go gurrlll! It looks amazing xx

    come see me at: www.bicyclestograpefruit.blogspot.com

    OMG if you commented on my blog, i'm not desperate, i just love you mel.....you are my favourite blog!!!!

  2. Ah! so clever! i have a large tree in my house that i have in an ugly pot. I haven't wanted to fork over the money for a large pretty piece.. i might just try this and see how it turns out!! i could do a few colors of a large rope! thanks for the idea, this turned out great!