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 D E T A I L S || top:anthropologie | denim & duster:urban | boots:nordstrom 

Okay, long story, but my computer crashed (like dead) about 3 months ago, and with it it took all of my photos, documents, music and basically any other digital thing I had of value. Insert crying panic emoji. Elisha was able to help me recover a few things, but I realized that I had a few photos still on my camera; they would just need to be re-edited, so all was not lost! So, I found this style shoot I did while visiting my parents in San Antonio, and I figured I'd share! Yes, I have bangs in these, and they are finally starting to grow out of the awkward "we don't know what we are" phase, so praise God! 

Today I'm headed out to a fun conference with some women from my church. I'm excited to have a time to recharge and refocus. I got to catch up with a friend this last week who I hadn't seen in two years. It's always great when you can pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat, isn't it?! While we were talking I was reminded of how wonderful it is to have friends who speak life into you, call you out and inspire you to keep dreaming big. I love the people God has placed in my life and I'm realizing how important it is to feed into those relationships and foster the good things I've been given. I'm finding myself in a place of reprioritizing and like a new season is kicking in, and I'm excited to see what's next!

xo. mel


  1. So pretty! Love the color of that top!

  2. Ohmy.. your boots. So pretty!


  3. so sorry to hear about your computer what a bummer!!! Hope you had a great day catching up with your friend : )