My apologies...

I haven't been very good at talking to you every day. I got
terribly busy, but since i've been gone, I promise to give
you tons of inspiration! I missed two Mondays of things
I love!! Wowza. I'll make up for it though.
Firstly, it's snowing! We had a snow day today and
yesterday I got to go play in the snow with good friends
and I felt so very happy^_^
And tomorrow is the big day! I get to see le boyfriend!!

I still have lots to get done until then, so today will be
busy busy.
Secondly, I had a very successful sale at Pie N' the Sky
{etsy shop} You guys really took advantage of it, and I had
fun finding new homes for all of my pretties. AND great
news! I am working on a new project that I promise is
going to be amazing!! I can't wait to share it with you. I
have a few lose ends to tie up, but it is so lovely. I'll tell
you as soon as i'm able!
Thirdly, here are a few things i'm loving...

1. THESE Hunter rainboots! I would reeeally like
these for Valentine's day^_^

2. This movie...

3. Unicorns! They are just so magical...

4. Bubble Tea. Yummm. I still need to find a place
nearby that sells these

5. This bicycle. I can't wait for Spring so I can
ride mine:)

6. My friends... and this video. hehe.

Now back to packing.
xo! Mel

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