I'm Back!!

Hi. Remember me?? I'm sorry I went away for four whole days! I have a good excuse though! My Mr. was here! And it was his first time visiting me here so we had a lot of things planned... Fortunately for you though, you can hear all about it from my Guest Blogger!! And of course it's none another than Mr. Garcia himself:)

He'll be stopping by to say hello, tomorrow afternoon! Can't wait!
Now, since I left you for so long I figured i'd give you even more good news! I will be announcing a new giveaway next week and it's gonna be a good one! I will also be posting a Pie N' the Sky update next week too!! It's gonna be a pretty busy week:) I was also thinking of posting a DIY... would that be fun?? I think so^_^ I'll give you more details as the time gets closer.
I hope you all have been good and I hope you enjoyed the season finale of lost. I must say it was not what I expected. I wasn't disappointed, just not satisfied. It was kind of a big deal to me, considering
I gave it over 150 hours of my life... And now it's allll over :( What ever will I do on Tuesday nights now?? Make pretties I suppose:)
Okay I have to get back to school stuff... Did I mention how not fun this stuff is? Cause it's not.

x's and o's,

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