Painting Giveaway!

I'm proud to announce this very special giveaway! It's the very first of it's kind and I 'm surprised I haven't done one like it yet. This is the first giveaway for a Pie N' the Sky original painting!! I love this one and it's quite special to me:)

This "Madly in Love" piece is an original Pie N' the Sky painting by myself. I would love for it to find a good home:) You can sign up to win it by signing your name in the comments below, along with your favorite cupcake flavor! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday. So, tell all your friends!!

xo. Melisa


  1. Anonymous11.8.10

    Hannah Novak

    We have this place called Happy Bakery in our mall that has like 50 different flavors of cupcakes.. so far I like the carrot cake cupcake the best!

  2. Anonymous11.8.10

    Elizabeth Jones

    Snickers cupcake

  3. Anonymous11.8.10

    Brianna Howard

    Good ol' Red Velvet :)

  4. Anonymous11.8.10

    Kristen DeShazo

    Italian Cream!

  5. Anonymous13.8.10

    Paulina Pizarro

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the classiness of a red velvet cupcake with just some yummy icing to go on top!! :D

  6. Anonymous13.8.10

    Cynthia Garofalo

    My favorite is fun-fetti! I love the little bits of colorful candy in them!

  7. Stephanie Renee

    I love a chocolate with lavender frosting...yummy!

  8. ~Tracey S.

    My all time favourite is Carrot with cream cheese icing-YUM!

  9. Mmmmm my fave cupcake has to be chocolate with chocolate frosting very simple!

    btw love your blog too cute!