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I am terribly insanely busy. This week consists of every major thing I have to do this semester. I have literally had one hour of nothing to do today until now. I used that hour to make soup and check my email:) Most of what I'm doing is centered around the fact that I'm a music major. Did you know that? Well it's true, I am, and this week I am reminded of how challenging my studies can be, BUT never-the-less I will remain confident that I will make it through:) I know that with every challenge comes the sweet release of anxiety and overwhelming peace once it's completed. I say this all to say, that if I'm not as attentive to my blog, forgive me, I have good reason I promise. 

I really wanted to let y'all know that I have super exciting news! Next week I will be having tons of stuff going on here and the shop! I will...

1. Finish the update for sure!
2. Have a special sale!! eee!
3. Have a fun DIY:)
4. Introduce a brand new giveaway!

I can't wait. Just have to make it through this week first! Have a sweet night.

xo. Melisa

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