Journal Giveaway

This week's giveaway is for a custom Pie N' the Sky Journal!! It's actually more of a kit:) The giveaway includes:

-One Custom Moleskin Journal 
-Paper squares

Entering is easy as 1-2-3!! All you have to do is sign your full name and favorite Thanksgiving tradition! You can enter up to three times: sign your name, become a follower, or include this giveaway on your FB:) Let me know if you do the last one and I'll be sure to enter your name again! Hope you have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!! I'll announce the winner on Wednesday.

xo. Melisa


  1. Kayla Dixon. my favorite thanksgiving tradition is watching the game at my aunt and unlces house after being stuffed with my grandma's stuffing. :)

  2. So excited to that I've found your website and Etsy shop. LOVE Moleskine. Use them all the time for work.

    Favorite Thanksgiving tradition: Making Christmas cookies of course! And running the Turkey Trot

    Linnae Hoppe
    posting on facebook and twitter!

  3. Anonymous12.11.10

    Emily Smith.
    My favorite thanksgiving tradition is waking up early to spend girl time with my mom in the kitchen making delicious food :)

  4. Anonymous12.11.10

    Ashley Nerat :)
    My favorite tradition is where we go around the table and say what we are most thankful for in that year.
    posting on twitter and fb!
    love you mel<3

  5. Taylor Gecan12.11.10

    Taylor Gecan. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is most definitely going BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!! WOOO!! we wake up every year at 2:00 am and start the chaos! Love it!

  6. Megan Quinn12.11.10

    Hello Pie N' The Sky!
    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition: the cranberry sidedish...oh how I love that delishous can-shapped yumminess!

    Megan Quinn

  7. Anonymous12.11.10

    Ruth Boller

    Well for the last few years my favorite tradition has become taking a very nice long nap right after eating while my family watches football.

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  9. Anonymous16.11.10

    Taylor Rose Willis.
    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition would have to be going on our annual 11 mile hike the day after Thanksgiving out to the lighthouse at the very end of the spit. Not only is it an amazing expirence but it is also a good way to burn off a few of those pounds gained from the day before!
    Much love!

  10. This is lovely! Too bad I'm late. :( Beautiful journal though!