12 Day Christmas Giveaway!

This giveaway is extra special. As you can see it's called the 12 Day Giveaway. That means you have 12 days to enter, there are 12 incredible prizes AND the first 12 people to enter will be entered in a second giveaway!! The second giveaway is a surprise, but it's pretty and I will announce that winner when I announce the 12 Day Giveaway Winner. Are you ready to see the pretties up for grabs?? 

1. An original Pie N' the Sky mini painting
2. A sweet coffee cozy
3. Peach flower pearl earrings
4. Chalkboard tag with key:)
5. Chrissy Pie N' the Sky Headband
6. A set of three sweet hair pretties
7. A lovely Pie N' the Sky yellow bow
8. A button flower ring
9. A lace flower necklace
10. A button knit headband
11. An extra skinny long scarf
12. A crocheted flower headband

Well there it is! An $80.00 value!! Now to enter all you have to do is write your name in the comments along with one Christmas gift you hope to get this year^_^ You can also enter by tweeting and/or mentioning this giveaway on Facebook or your blog. Leave a link to the tweet, facebook or blog in the comments! I'll announce the winner on December 19th, in 12 days:) 

xo. Melisa


  1. Anonymous7.12.10

    ashley gaines
    i am really hoping to get a wii :) i think they r so fun!!

  2. Kayla Dixon. New Toms!!

  3. Amber Grubbs.

    grey toms or a single cup coffee brewer.

  4. Anonymous7.12.10

    ashley scoggins.
    friend i REALLY want this :)
    you're so very talented.

  5. Josilin Moede

    I hope I get a hand vacuum cleaner for my car :)

  6. Nikki Peters-- New shoes! =)

  7. Anonymous7.12.10

    Cynthia Garofalo
    I just want the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:) It was one of my favorites as a child and I can never find it on DVD..

  8. Anonymous7.12.10

    I want a Northface jacket!!! :)

    All of those things are so pretty! Good job Melisa. Miss you! God bless!

  9. Anonymous7.12.10

    cozy socks :)
    Jamila Hull

  10. Anonymous7.12.10

    Erikah Chavarria

    New boots!

  11. Anonymous7.12.10

    George Unc
    An e-reader! or Vibrams :D

  12. Katrina McCutchen

    I'm asking for a keyboard so I don't have to walk all the way over to the fine arts building to practice worship diddies :)

  13. Anonymous7.12.10

    Miranda Evans
    I really want a nice skirt! :)

  14. Stacey Welch

    perfume: Viva la Juicy

  15. Mandy Lepard
    Ok, so I was going to be the 12th person, but I tried and tried to leave a comment and it didn't work cuz the word verification wouldn't show up! So now I am the 16th. Oh well. I want scrapbooking materials and organizers for all my stuff :)

  16. Anonymous7.12.10

    Sarah Hudgins

    I asked for an AMOS LEE cd :]

  17. Anonymous7.12.10

    Ruth Boller. I would love a full frame camera, but its to pricy ever put on a christmas list lol

  18. Anonymous7.12.10

    Taylor Gecan. I would love to get the game apples to apples! My favorite!

  19. Anonymous7.12.10

    Anna Holguin

    I'm hoping for a weighted hula hoop (:

  20. SO cute! i hope to get a cool watch!

  21. Emily Linn
    im hoping to get silver glitter toms or a northface jacket!

  22. Anonymous7.12.10

    Ashley Nerat.

    I don't really want anything for Christmas, I just love getting people gifts I know they will love!!

    ps, noelle LOVED the necklace :D

  23. Anonymous7.12.10

    Sherry Thomas!!
    I want the complete series of eith Frasier or Seinfeld!!

  24. kassandra asel7.12.10

    Kassandra Asel:)

    um im hoping for a new camera or an iphone maybe?

    facebook me i guess.lol

    love you:)

  25. Anonymous8.12.10

    taylor willis
    hm...for christmas i really want a old vintage record player or perhaps a mustache necklace!

  26. Anonymous8.12.10

    Hannah Novak

    Every year I wish for an iPod.. I guess I'll keep that tradition going. :P

  27. kelsey wiest. i hope to just have a great time during christmas really :)

  28. Anonymous11.12.10

    Kathleen Morrissey

    New Oil paints.
    Merry christmas <3

  29. Anonymous11.12.10

    Kristen DeShazo

    I'm hoping for an iPhone!

  30. dominica shields12.12.10

    i want to spend lots of time with my family.

  31. eva dougherty
    I really would like one of the slow loris t-shirts http://www.buyolympia.com/q/Item=slowloris-dirty-old-boat-shirt but I will be perfectly happy because I will be spending christmas on a beautiful beach, talking long walks barefoot and eating lots of my grandma's cookies and hanging out with my cool aunt and uncle. :)

  32. awesome giveaway!

    i really want a drawing tablet for my computer this year!


  33. ooh- what fun goodies! would love a trip to somewhere exotic as a present.

  34. Aw, this is such an amazing giveaway!! You're the sweetest! :)

    I would really like a new lens for my camera!

  35. So cute! I'd love an mini instax camera.
    -Allison Kaye

  36. I really, really want a pair of pajamas!

  37. I'm in dire need of a new tripod for my camera...


  38. ohhhh fun giveawAY! this year for christmas i really want a sewing machine. so i can make some pretties! :)

  39. Anonymous17.12.10

    Yuriko Hernandez.

    I would like for people to simply know God this season, not just have knowledge about Him but simply know Him. It is truly amazing. :)

    P.S. You are so blessed with talent, these are incredible.You're Amazing.

  40. naomi maddox
    I really hope to get a new fancy-schmancy camera!

  41. Anonymous17.12.10

    Paulina Pizarro - orange brown leather ankle boots are number 1 on my list! For realz!! Been looking for the perfect ones all season!