My Wish List

Reading everyone's number one gift on their wish list got me to thinking about what I might like this Christmas... Here's what I came up with.
I really really want an instax camera

Who wouldn't love a starlet crown!?

I don't normally buy accessories, but this necklace is so so pretty.

I want a cape !
This sewing box is just perfect.
I freaked when I saw this cupcake maker!! Too cute!

I would truly enjoy these pretty earphones:)

And a few other miscellaneous items here and there:) I've really enjoyed reading all of your Christmas wish lists by the way and I had fun making my own! 

xo. Melisa


  1. i really want that necklace now!:)

  2. Such a cute blog you have!!! I have been wanting an instax camera for awhile, if I don't get it for Chritmas have my fingers crossed for my birthday in two months.

  3. I love your wishlist! I'm hoping for an instax too!