Sponsor: Along for the Ride

I would like to introduce you to the fabulous Laura of Along for the Ride. She's pretty lovely^_^

I'm Laura and I'm the lady behind along for the ride. I'm married to my handsome hubby Kyle and we have a black kitty cat named Jupiter. I work at a university overseeing a residence hall of about 400 students. Oh yea, and we live there too! When I'm not with my students, I love get crafty! I started my Etsy shop in May as a way to expand my crafty hobby. Before I was just making things for myself...and a girl can only wear so many pairs of earrings.

My blog is the place where I share craft projects, updates on my job at a university, and other life events and adventures. But above all of that, my blog is an outlet for worship. Being along for the ride isn't about taking a back seat or being apathetic along life's journey, nor is it about taking the journey lightly. For me, being along for the ride is about trusting in the Lord to guide your everyday moments and to be a constant companion on your journey to everlasting life.

Thanks so much Laura! 
If you haven't already, be sure to visit the Along For the Ride etsy shop^_^

xo. Melisa

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