Project 365: Week Six and Seven

I promise to get better at posting these each week, but since I got a bit behind, here's the last two weeks!!

I bought pretty new supplies
I started working on some new pretties for the shop^_^
I spent time with the Mr. watching the Super Bowl
I took photos for the Shop Update!
I put together my band's folders for my Night of Worship
I painted my fingernails glitter gold
I had time off! I read and ate a veggie burger

Our school had a Valentine's Banquet
I've been on a grape binge
I celebrated one of my professor's recent citizenship
Wore a heart in honor of Valentine's Day
Played cowbell in my percussion techniques class
I mailed out some pretty packages
I took one of my best friends to Fuzzy's ^_^

xo. Melisa

1 comment:

  1. looks like you have many interesting activities ;)

    i wanted to do this project too, but i'm too busy this year..