a simple lunch

I like sharing my little lunches with you; I hope you don't mind it. The other day I made this...

Fresh tomato slices make my heart happy, but even more so when they're seasoned with a little (or a lot in my case) salt and pepper. It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty. This is one of my favorite snacks!

I love hummus with just about anything. I just used it as a spread and made a wrap. Usually I'll put a little more in this, but I was lacking veggies - looks like I've got to go to the grocery store!

Fruit and yogurt is probably the easiest and healthiest snack one can make. I cut up some strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and grapes - threw em on top of some vanilla yogurt and voila! It was reeeeeal good, y'all! 

Of course no meal is complete without a huge cup of water^_^ Still taking recipes if you have any to share. Keep in mind that I like my lunches to be healthy, quick and simple to make. Thanks so much!



  1. This is so similar to one of my lunches, exactly! One thing I do is this: I broil or toast my wheat bread with two slices of cheddar cheese on it, let it get good and toasty melted, then I top it with some hummus and avocado, salt and pepper and I'm ready to eat it!

  2. I like seeing your lunches. It's nice to see what people eat and get ideas. We eat salad most days. But nice salads with lots of different ingredients.

  3. So simple yet so good. Fruit and yogurt really is the best.

  4. Mmm... those tomatoes look delicious. What a lovely lunch.


  5. This is such a colorful and pretty lunch! Will definitely have to try the tomato slices with salt & pepper!
    ♥ xixia
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  6. looks super delicious!!

  7. looks so so yum! Tomato is my absolute favourite snack! heaps of salt and pepper, amazing :)
    Amy xo