I've been told to grow up, to adjust and to change
but the change so required of me
causes me
to see a change in me
that quite simply
I don't want there
It's a nagging, a groaning, a punch in the face
A reminder each morning that I'm somehow not enough
That the hopes and the dreams I once had won't come true
That the me I once thought I could be
won't do
I am growing, adjusting and changing
Not into the woman the world would like me to be
But into a me that I would be proud of
One who I would look up to and aspire to be
A woman whose strength and potential come together as one
Accomplishing the impossible with grace and a smile
I am more than just me
I am all I can be
I am everything I never was
and all that I hope to become
I am running away
Into a sea of impossibility
Trusting that change has prepared me a way
With boldness and determination I will not only stay
I will grow
I will grow
I will grow
I will become the very best me I can possibly be
This is the truth that I trust and I know

I will change for the good.


  1. So beautiful. Keep on speaking the truth girl!

  2. i love this. beautiful words

  3. so beautifully written!

  4. Love this! So glad you shared it.

  5. Absolutely lovely! So glad you shared...


  6. This is so lovely. xo Kins.

  7. I enjoy your photos all the time!