DIY :: Gold Centerpiece

Since the Bridal Shower required peeks of gold throughout - I thought it would be fun to add a little floral element to make the black and white a bit less austere. I didn't want to just put flowers because that didn't really fall in line with the NY theme, so I went with something a little less floral and spray painted baby breath with gold! I loved the outcome! 

Y O U  N E E D :: picked flowers, gold spray paint, jar/vase to hold

E A S Y  A S  1 2 3 :: pick your flowers  and trim if needed. lay your flowers on paper/bags  then spray paint. I did mine individually to make sure I got all the parts (which I still ended up missing a few). let them sit outside for about 15mins and then stick them in your jar!

These would look great for a wedding, birthday party or just to pretty up your home! Enjoy!

xo. melisa


  1. super cute! i love anything with a touch of gold lately :)


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  3. Really into acrylic paint these days. Love to paint this way. What a beautiful golden centerpiece DIY idea.