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Has this week been as slow for everyone else as it has been for me? Like, painfully slow, guys! I've been stressed and getting migraines and lets just say, TGIF! I really want to go on a girl's weekend getaway soon, with a few of my friends. We're in the Texas area, so a fun little roadtrip would be perfect. If any of you have suggestions, share them in the comments!
These photos were taken pre-bangs. I kind of miss my forehead (is that a weird thing to say?). The bangs just make my face look so different. I also can't get them to stop growing so fast! I feel like I'm constantly trimming them or they're in my eyeballs. Any of you out there with bangs have this issue?
Do any of you all have fun plans for the weekend?
xo. mel


  1. Beauitful! Not much planned, just a beach walk and maybe a movie. Love your posts as always Mel :) please blog more!! This is my favourite blog! This probably sounds weird, but whenever I feel stressed I just come and read your posts as they make me feel so peaceful :) I love that we share the same faith! xx