Collections: Cameras

The first collection I'd like to share with you is my camera collection. It's fairly small compared to others i've seen, but I have some good ones^_^

My Mr. gifted me this Diana last year for my birthday. I love love it and the color is exquisite. I've yet to develop my film, but plan to very soon!
I bought this Holga as a reward for completing a pretty big project last year. I love Holga and the photos look great. It takes awhile to get used to, but I definitely suggest it to anyone who's interested. OH and now they have a bunch of pretty new colors.
I got this ammaziiing camera from my brother's girlfriend for Christmas and I LOVE it!! I had been wanting one for a reeeally long time and I was ecstatic when I unwrapped the box^_^ It's perfect and if you don't have one you should definitely get one!
I bought this polaroid camera when I was about 14. I fell in love and used up all of my allowance on film. I was so sad when they discontinued the film and now I just enjoy looking at it. It really sparked my love for cameras^_^
I purchased this beauty this summer after a long debate as to whether or not I would buy an SLR or something a bit less pricey. I opted for this Sony camera after I saw how it shot and how great the quality was {the price wasn't half bad either}. I plan to get an SLR once I have more time to actually enjoy using it to it's fullest potential; most likely after graduation.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first collection. For those of you who are interested, I tend to use my Sony camera for most of my shots used for the blog. I also like to use my nifty iPhone for simple on the go shots. However, I tend to carry both my Sony and Instax with me at all times; which makes my purse a joy to carry. ha. What are some of your favorite cameras to use? Any that I should add to my collection?

xo. Melisa


  1. what a nice collection! I want both the Holga and the Diana, and plan to purchase them soon. make sure to show us your Diana photos once you get the film developed!

  2. Those are cool! I wish i had a collection!

  3. I Love the camera collection! I just recently bought an SLR & am super happy with it! :)

  4. You have some wonderful ones! My camera collection is to big, everywhere you look in my room you see a camera but I love each and every one haha

  5. I found your blog through scenic glory. I love your blog and your camera collection is great! I have a camera collection as well, think I might show it off!

  6. Elvira30.8.12

    I am a big fan of film cameras as well! I saw that you had a Polaroid and thought you might like this site http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/ .

    They sell the Polaroid film :))