Date Day!

I love love date days! The Mr took me on a perfect date day!! We started the day by going to our favorite taco stand, Salsa Limon, then stopped to grab a smoothie! then he took me to the Ft Worth zoo; I love love animals and even though it was crazy hot, it was lots of fun! Afterwards we went Downtown to eat and then joined some friends for some delicious dessert. It was quite the day, and I felt like such a lucky girl. He's so good to me:) OH and just fyi, this is probably a picture overload, so brace yourself.

Can we just take a moment to talk about how weird monkeys are? Cause for reals, they are so creepy. They look like hairy people and their little hands freak me out. Those orangoutangs were extra weird. That one, kept carrying a crate around, holding it with his feet and then sucking on it. That qualifies for weird people. So what do you think? Do monkeys freak you out too??



  1. You two have such fun date days!

  2. Yes, monkeys are probably some of the weirdest critters out there! I usually skip them at the zoo because they give me the willies. Unfortunately, sometime s I have to look at them because my boyfriend likes them haha

    Anyhoo, I loved that you 2 wore semi-matching outfits!

  3. You guys are so cute! I love looking at your pictures. :) Looks like this was a really fun day!

    I actually think monkeys are really cute. They seem like little people to me, and I just want to cuddle them!