Music Monday

I love music. It is such a huge and important part of my life. It's so personal to me that I really dislike sharing it with other people, ha! Certain songs become such a part of my life that I feel like if I share it with someone, they'll take it for granted, or not appreciate it the way it should be, so weird right?? I've been like this for most of my life, and it kinda drove my friends crazy. I know that people could find these songs on their own and their not really "mine," but they feel like they are. And if I share then it's like a little piece of myself. I associate fond memories with each one, I identify with the lyrics or simple melodic lines, I just love music. And not just some music, I love all types of music; folk to reggae, classical to pop, acoustic to rock, bluegrass to jazz, country to gospel, I just love it all! Music is just wonderful. It soothes my heart, it gets me ready for my day, it assures me when I doubt myself, it gets me excited, it makes my heart beat fast, it brings tears to my eyes, it sees me at my worst and helps me through the darkest times, it hears my loud singing, it sees my dancing, it knows exactly what my heart wants to say... I'm not joking, I really love music. I'm trying to be more giving and not hoard songs, ha! and have decided to share with you a new song every week that I love. We will call it Music Monday because I love alliterations. I have over 2,000 songs in my itunes library, and that's not counting the countless cds that I haven't transferred over. eep! I love music and I want to love sharing music too! Here's to growing!

Why I love this song // I love the passion in this song. It invokes a certain feeling that I can't really describe; like I want to dance, or climb a mountain, or overcome something great! haha! I never took any dance classes when I was a kid, but I've always wished I had learned ballet. If I knew how to do ballet, I would do so, to this song. It's just beautiful. I'm sure you had heard of it before, but now you know why I love it and I'm one step closer to becoming someone who shares music. ^_^



  1. I absolutely adore Florence and The Machine! I haven't heard this song before but I really like it! Thanks for sharing : ) Love your blog!

  2. Violet5.7.11

    Haha, I totally feel just as protective towards my music as well. And, even though you don't know how do ballet, I though it'd still be nice if you could watch this.


  3. I totally agree with you. It took me forever to finally start my music weekly post.