Finally Proficient

I know that I've mentioned recently how I was trying to pass a very important piano exam and well, I PASSED! eeep! I am more than excited; I literally skipped through the halls. You see, before I began attending this university , I had never even sat at a piano (not even for funzies) so when I got here and was told I would have to pass an eight part exam in order to graduate, I was way less then thrilled. All of this to say that I truly believe that with a lot a lot of hard work, perseverance, and trust in God, anything is possible! Every moment of frustration, insecurity, & utter exhaustion was completely worth it for this feeling of accomplishment. For those of you that prayed for me, thank you, they worked^_^

Aside from that, I had a wonderfully great day. I made the chapel worship team, was deemed the head of the party planning committee, and I get to eat ice cream with my sweet roommate. How was your day?? I love good days because they give me hope when I have a terrible day. 

And since it's Monday after all, here's a fun song to start your week off with...

Why I love this song // It's impossible to be angry when you listen to this song; it exudes happiness. Which, is exactly how I feel now, so I thought it was appropriate^_^ Enjoy!



  1. Congrats on passing your piano exams! That's so awesome! Piano is my favorite instrument. I haven't had a chance to play one in a while since I only have a keyboard in my house. But each time I go home to my parent's farm I could spend hours on their piano.

  2. congrats!!!! i used to play piano when i was younger, i miss it so much. thanks for the song, i've had it playing on my desktop at work :)


  3. Anonymous6.9.11

    Congrats! I am a new avid reader of your blog and I am absolutely loving it. Is the piano hard to pick up? I have always wanted to learn, but never thought I could.
    Anyway's great post and even greater song! I love OhLand :D

    ciao- Steph

  4. Thank you all!
    Steph- the piano isn't hard for everyone to learn, it kind of depends on the person. For me, parts of it were difficult, but I have come much farther than I ever thought I would. If you try and learn, my best advice is practice practice and don't overthink it. You can do it! ^_^