sister time with my sister

My sister came into town! She stayed for only two days,but it was so nice having her around^_^ She makes me happy. We were able to sneak away on my lunch break to my favorite little restaurant in downtown Waxahachie, called the Dove's Nest. It's only open from 11-2, so it's a rare joy when I'm able to eat there. They have thee best soup, which was just perfect for all these allergy symptoms I've been experiencing (womp womp). We also did a little vintage shopping and then I had to head back to work. 

While I finished up my Night of Worship rehearsal Adrienne went to Target. She insisted on purchasing some Missoni; I warned her that there was nothing left, as I explained my attempt to purchase something the day of and eeeverything was gone. However, she managed to snag some really cute stuff that were hidden away in a go back pile. I too was able to find some gems. I got the prettiest heels and a pair of knee highs (be still my heart). And then we went home and watched Rio. We used to live there. Did you know that?? Well, now you do. That's all for now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

OH, before I forget, take a little gander to the right bar of the screen and see how many followers Pie N' the Sky has! That's right, only 15 from 500! I've decided that once we reach 500, we are going to have a really special giveaway!! Ah! I'm so excited and I can't wait to share it, but we must get to that lovely little number first. Here's hoping!



  1. I love spending time with my sister (twin) as well. When she comes up to see me or I go down to see her it's like feeling that bit missing is found again.

    Sisters are the best! Especially when they're your best friend.

  2. My sister is my best friend...I miss her so much. She lives in CA while I live in TX.:::sigh:::

    You and your sister and just beautiful!!!


  3. Sisters bonding time is one of the most amazing thing we can have. You surely had a great day with your sister :)
    I think I'll ask my sister to accompany me to a vintage shop haha

  4. You two are so beautiful!