Oh frankie

A few weeks ago I came across the glroriousness that is frankie. I was awestruck at the beauty of this magazine that I knew I just had to have my own copy. I quickly tried to find a subscription, as it is an overseas mag (lucky ladies!), but it was tad bit (a whole lot!) expensive... SO I decided I would just buy one (for now). Needless to say, it came, it is wonderful and quite possibly the most inspiring magazine I've ever held in my hands. Buy it. Love it. And in case you need more convincing, here's a litle peek. 

And they sent the prettiest little note along with it. OH and they have the prettiest desktops available on their website. I should be a spokesperson for them, ha! I just really am quite happy with it!

Also, I went shopping with the Mr the other day on our date night and I found pretty pretty things. I'm loving patterns and all things blush (what's new). My friends get upset with me because of the amount of clothing I own in pink hues. I don't know when it happened... but it did.



  1. I've been wanting this magazine so bad! Even buying a single copy seemed expensive to me! (high schooler with now job here!) but that magazine sure does look lovely :) maybe I'll have to treat myself to a copy after all!


  2. haha feels funny, usually i can't afford US or UK mags.

    i saw a blog post with a lady wanted to clear out her mags, she has some frankies.
    i know it's a dated blog post but perhaps try you luck?
    you'll have to scroll down the page.

  3. oh sorry, i just realised they are sold.

  4. What is that with the bunnies and where did it come from!?

  5. I've been wanting that magazine too, and just like you the price scared me away due to the oversea issue...however... I didn't consider just treating myself to one issue, which I just might do now. As for the pink, there's nothing wrong with lots of pink, especially the beautiful light colors, I'm a huge fan myself. Great post!


  6. wow. 115 bucks? goodness.
    I like the magazine though, would've probably shoved out the dough if I had it. HAHA


    p.s. There is nothing wrong with PINK hued closets. I like the sound of that ;). ha ha. But I am biased as well.