that time we went rock climbing

Last weekend my friends and I decided to go rock climbing! It was such a blast! I was a little nervous when we first started, but after awhile I got the hang of it and had so so much fun!! 
I went through a phase a few years back where I decided to be more adventurous and say yes to every opportunity that presented itself. It was a pretty fun year and come to think of it, I should give that whole thing another shot! During that time though, I went repelling in New Mexico and it was amazing! I knew that I was going to have fun with this rock climbing thing. I will definitely go back soon!

Forgive the weird coloring of the photos, it was very yellow in there, ha! Also, did anyone else notice the insane legs on my Mr?? What the?! Moving on. What are some other fun things you all like to do? We were thinking of trying that trampoline place next, where the walls and floors are all trampolines! Anyone been before?



  1. This looks like so much fun! :) Those trampoline places are awesome, I would definitely go :)
    xo Heather

  2. I have always wanted to try this :) maybe this year. On my list of things to do is go for a hot air balloon ride...I'm not too fond of heights, but the thought of floating in the air in one of those pretty balloons makes my heart flutter :)

  3. That trampoline place sounds awesome. I would even settle for just a straight up trampoline though. I loved those as a kid!

  4. who looks that cute while climbing? oh duh, YOU!!
    loved this.

  5. Anonymous12.2.12

    cutest climbing outfits ever! it looks like a commercial for rock climbing. and the trampoline place sounds like a dream.