fancy new shade

I've been meaning to repurpose this old lampshade I had, but wanted to think of the perfect and easy diy. I decided to make some stamps and paint it with a simple pattern! Here's what I did...

 You'll need: paint, foam, wooden blocks, scissors, tape, lampshade

cut out the shapes you want for your stamps. I cut five different triangles - one for each color I was going to use.

tape or glue your wooden blocks to the back of the stamps so that they're easier to stamp. I used double sided tape and it worked great!

apply paint to your stamps and go crazy! I decided to do a triangle print in sections throughout the entire lamp. I didn't cover the entire stamp fully so it created a fun little rippled effect - I kind of love the result of it.

sidenote: my lampshade came with the trim, but it can easily be achieved by grabbing a hole punch and some leather strips! I love the triangle pattern, but there's so many shapes and options you could do! I don't have a lampstand for it yet, but once I do, I'll photograph how pretty it looks with light shining through! If you use this diy, leave a comment with a link!

Happy Crafting!


also, please excuse my messy messy room. i need to clean up. eeep!


  1. Love the way this turned out! Great idea.

  2. I think DIY stuff is genius. It's hard for me to find time to do it, but love and appreciate creativity like this. Great post.



  3. That is so cute! great idea.