plant babies

I've never really had much of a green thumb. In fact, I've never had a plant of my very own before. After Elsie shared a post on plants the other day, I decided I was going to go for it! I went to a local plant store and picked up some plant babies! I know that sounds slightly weirds, but I'm excited to care for them and give them a happy home. 

I chose three succulents: Mini Jade, Little Jewel, and a Blue Rose. I think they're each so pretty and I can't wait to watch them grow and learn along the way! While I was there, I picked up three pots. They were the last ones in their sizes and had a few chips in them. I bought them on discount and decided to spice them up with a little paint. Because paint fixes all.

With the Little Jewel, I picked a little pot and used a mustard paint. I ran out of brushes so did finger painting^_^ I then took a gold sharpie paint marker to create little lines all around the pot!

The Mini Jade found a home in a pot I painted in Burnt Umber. I took a gold paint and layered it onto the top of the pot. I flipped a small jar upside down to set it on to create a little height variance.

The Blue Rose is the largest of the three and so obviously got the largest pot. They say that the pot should be one to two inches wider than the plant so I may end up moving it soon. I used the same technique to paint this pot, as I did with this lampshade

I'm completely excited for this new journey and I really really hope they stay alive and happy! ha! If you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate all of the help I can get! Thanks friends! I've only had them in my room for a few days now, and already they have brought so much life to it! If you don't own any plants, I say you go out and get some!



  1. Anonymous6.5.12

    Those are cute! I have been trying to grow some plants myself. I started last year and most of them have survived. I'm sure you'll do great. I did some research on the kind of plants I was growing just to make sure about season/how much sun/water they should take. Hope that helps :)


  2. Cute! I love these. I don't have much of a green thumb either, but I'm hoping to start learning more gardening techniques this summer. :)

  3. i'm head over heels for succulents. great post. just stumbled across your lovely blog. new follower! xo.


  4. Oh you should have no problem with succulents!! They survive anything and if they start to look scraggly you can just give them a trim and they bounce right back! I love all the different shapes and sizes they come in, Cute job on the flower pots :)