I've become ever so slightly obsessed with black and white print. I find myself wanting to paint everything I own white! I love the simplicity of it and that I can add so many more accents with a beautiful black and white base. Are you smitten with b&w??

xo. mel


  1. I am right there with you! I had to refrain from painting our entire house white too and it is so clean and fresh. Ultimately I chose watercolor-like shades of mint and pink and purple gray…you can barely tell it's not white so I feel like I accomplished a fresh feeling without it being too sterile for my liking. :) Also, love the bag with a camel bottom and polka dots. I see a DIY in my near future!

  2. B&W, I'm trying to convince my sister to paint our room white >.< It's currently a minty green and I just don't like it.