M A K E :: crochet hook case

I know that knitting and crocheting is often associated with the elderly, but you know what? I love to crochet and knit!! I especially love to do it to help pass the time. Husband and I have a road trip planned for next weekend and I thought I could get some crocheting done while we're in the car. I love having a variety of needles with me, so I needed to make something to hold them all. Instead of a pouch, I thought I'd try something a little different and I love the result!

S U P P L I E S   ::  scrap leather, cord, Sharpie Paint Pen, Scissors

E A S Y   A S   1 ,  2 ,  3 
1.) Start by laying out your crochet hooks so you know the right spacing and how many slits you'll need to cut. You'll want to leave some room on the left, so it'll be easier to wrap.

2.) While your hooks are still on the leather, you can make a mark of where you need to cut or you can eyeball it like I did. Remove the hooks and start cutting. You'll need two slits per hook. It helps to fold the leather where you want to cut and then snip. 

 3.) Once you've made all of your slits, stick your hooks in. You may need to adjust how wide your slit is based on the size of your hook. Remember you don't want to make them too big, or the hooks will fall right through. They should be snug.

4.) Next, grab your cord and cut about 12inches. Using the same technique you did for your slits, cut a small hole along the left edge of your leather. Slip your cord through and make a knot. Cut the excess cord off. 

5.) Wrap your leather up starting on the right side. Once you reach the end, wrap your cord around. It should wrap around a few times, but you can cut off any excess.
6.) Unwrap and add details! I decided to make little plus signs using my Sharpie paint pen. Get creative!

I'm in love with how this turned out! And now I can easily store my crochet hooks when I'm at home and quickly take them with me on any trip. You can easily switch out the crochet hooks for anything: paint brushes, colored pencils, knitting needles, makeup brushes… the possibilities are endless!

If you decide to try this out, leave a link below so we can all see how it turned out! And if you're looking for more diys, check out my glossary.

Happy Making!

xo. melisa


  1. This looks great! Also, I love your new header on your layout!


  2. I love this idea! I'm always losing my hooks, and this looks lovely!

  3. You are in my fav.blog list!
    Compliments i love your blog ;)


  4. What a brilliant DIY, I will have to send this to my crochet pals!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah x