B I T S + P I E C E S

I've been painting a lot more as of late. I spent one afternoon just painting for fun and it was the best. Sometimes you just have to craft and take business out of it - helps you remember why you love what you do. It's fun to make things, purely for the joy of making. When was the last time you crafted just for fun??

xo. melisa


  1. ah.. I haven't done anything creative lately, and I think that's what I'm going to do on my next day off. I love the first one. "If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking." I love How He Loves. It's one of my favorite songs.

  2. Your paintings are lovely! I've written a song the other day, I found it creative and also a therapy for me. I really enjoy sit from a couple of minutes to two or three hours staring at a piece of paper and some lyrics that are my personal thoughts! x


  3. Anonymous4.3.14

    You are such a talented artist, I love these paintings. I've been lacking creativity lately, but this inspires me!

    xo Mélane
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